(PHOTOS) The HITS – Album Release Show

If there was any remaining snow on the ground left from the day prior, ‘The Hits’ were sure to have burned it off quite nicely with their show on Saturday night at the Marquis Theater. The Hits are a five-piece, Denver based band that was formed in 2011 which consists of members Ambre Rouge on lead vocals, Tara Stef on lead guitar, Kimber Swier on rhythm guitar, on bass was Nicole June and on drums Kristen O’Conner .

The HITS - Album Release Show

Despite the coolness of the downtown streets and the rowdiness of the infamous onesie pajama crawl, inside the doors of the Marquis were booming with absolute rock n roll!!

Taking the stage first was Sharone & The Wind. Sharone and her band filled the theater with their haunting and melodic set of songs. Up next on the bill were the Hot Apostles. This sonic 3-piece group was led by the intense and versatile vocals of Eryn Swissdorf and on point, driven guitar sounds of Tay Hamilton.

The much awaited and anticipated band of the night was now set to take over the stage! The Hits put on an energetic and impressive performance, which showcased their release of their latest CD aptly named, “BreakThrough.” The band ripped through the setlist starting with the sure fire hit and YouTube sensation, “Love Survive.” Another notable song from their setlist was their second single, “Embrace the Change,” also from the CD “BreakThrough.” Later into the set and now with Ambre on the keys, the women brought the crowd to a slower, straight to the heart pace song “You’re Leaving,” which was dedicated to a close, fallen loved one.

The set ended with the solid track “Above Water,” with guest vocalist Sharone from Sharone & The Wind on hand. This little gem reminded us all that through our battles of illness and tragedy, to hold our heads high and “above the water.”

The last band of the night was ‘Love Stallion’. With a great eclectic set equipped with shimmering disco legs that spun from opposite sides of the stage. Their vibe and sound could easily be described as something similar to the 80’s metal bands like Def Leppard.

What a fun night this was! When all was said and done, The Hits with their contagiousness and command of the stage, blazed through an hour plus set that is sure to put the rock world back on notice!

Stayed tuned and locked into The Hits, Denver’s next great band on their website, www.thehitsmusic.com
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Article and Photos by Sean Huntsman