[PHOTOS] Comic Con 2018

For the sixth year in a row, Denver has had the chance to host it’s very own Comic Con; bringing in many of our favorite actors, authors, illustrators and vendors all to one place. This year was like many before with eager fans waiting outside the doors hours before opening. Some there for the exclusive toys, some to grab limited edition prints or a chance to have a personal item autographed. It seemed like this would be another amazing year for the Denver Comic Con.

With many guest speakers and panels to catch, I would say my favorite one from the weekend would have to be John Barrowman, best known for his roles in ‘Doctor Who, Arrow and Torchwood’.  This man is absolutely hilarious! I laughed from the moment he came out to greet the crowd, with such flair too might I say, all the way to the end of his panel. Walking on stage with a specially made Tardis dress and custom heels to compliment, he commanded the attention of everyone in the room immediately and began his very own comic show.

Starting first with his ability to twirl in his dress, exposing *coughs* no, not that…. His very own Dr. Who underwear!

Flashing a girl in the front row he asks, “Did you get a good look honey?” with a flip of his “hair” and a twirl of his hand.

Everyone roars with laughter, which only makes John smile more. You can see that he lives to please the crowd, a true performer, not just a pretty face. When it came to the audience Q&A, he recanted stories for them and even relived a few moments from his last Denver appearance two years ago. A fan reminded him of the HUGE party he threw after Comic Con and they reminisced together on the evening, which included many in the crowd tonight. A peeping tom moment if you will, while dancing, John noticed you could see out of the windows of their current location, across the street and into the adjacent hotel room windows where an unbeknownst woman was freshly out of the shower and drying her hair. After looking for a moment, John thought it would be funny to have everyone watch along with him, wait for her to notice and they would then all wave to her… It didn’t take much longer until the woman glanced across to see the entourage of people just aside from her, greeting her with such eagerness. Immediately embarrassed, she rushed to cover herself and close the drapes inhibiting them from seeing anything more. Again, the crowd erupted in laughter and I did as well. He may have just made me a Doctor Who fan lol.

Many of the attendees chose to dress up for the occasion.  Dressing as superheroes, comic book stars, video games characters, anime characters and even your more recognizable cartoons from Comedy Network, this is a great place to people watch. I chose to don a Black Widow costume that I borrowed from Gott A Costume. After all, DC Comics does hold some of my most personal favorite characters out there.

Downstairs you would find more exhibits such as the one from the 501st legion, which boasted the only place you could take a picture with an ewok. Many of the characters were in this area, Boba Fett, Stormtroopers, Shadowtroopers and even Darth Vader himself.

I saw many of my favorite characters over the three days of this event. It can be quite amazing to see what people can come up with and to see their creativity flow. Amongst all the fun visual stimulation are some cool vendors. I managed to stock up on some much needed socks and toys from PLASTIC UNDERGROUND and made my rounds through the artwork areas scooping up a couple of prints along the way.

If you have never been to a con before, you should make an effort to check out next year’s Denver Comic Con, I highly doubt you would be disappointed.

Thanks for the read and feel free to share, especially if you find your photo in the mix, I am sure you would want everyone to know you made it in the magazine. If we took, your photo and you do not see it check in our September print edition and all the other cool cosplay we will be bringing you.

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Photos by John Root & Teddy G





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