Original members of the heavy metal band, Dio took the stage at Herman’s Hideaway.

This Saturday night in Denver,  the night was blazin’ harder than a ‘Rainbow in the Dark’ at Herman’s Hideaway. Last In Line, Original members of the heavy metal band, Dio took the stage for a rockin’ set of hits from their past and present. The current band named after Dio’s second album, includes guitarist Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard), Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath), Phil Soussan, Erik Norlander and acclaimed singer, Andrew Freeman. 

Before Last In Line took the stage to make us ‘Stand up and Shout,’ The Blackouts, a driven, aggressive female powerhouse set the tone and were followed by the raging, energetic band, Last Rino. The hard hitting Something for Tomorrow was next who will be opening for Drowning Pool at Herman’s Hideaway and last but not least, The World Famous Johnsons. With this monster of a band, who needs a wall built for national security with this bands wall of sound, quality resume and in your face attitude!?

The much anticipated closing band …. maybe for decades…brought us back full circle at the stroke of 11pm. With the crowd in its hands, Last in Line hit us metal heads hard right out of the gate with Dio’s “Stand up and Shout and “Straight through the Heart,” followed by The Devil in Me, the first song off their 2016 CD, “Heavy Crown.” All through their metal laden set, they wove in and out of new songs and of course solidified songs such as “Holy Diver,” “Don’t talk to Strangers,” “The Last in Line,” and of course the massive 80’s hit, “Rainbow in the Dark.” Closing this enigmatic night, Last in Line reaffirmed their legacy in the rock world that they rock and with their last song, “We Rock…. We Rock!” Yes we do!!

A rockin’ great time this night was! When it was all said and done, Last in Line commanded the stage with massive hits and solid metal songs. This hour plus set is sure to put the much needed heavy back into metal!

Stayed tuned and locked into Last in Line on their website, http://www.http://www.lastinlineofficial.com/

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Article and Photos by Sean Huntsman