Opening Night Cirque Du Soleil Toruk

Opening Night Cirque Du Soleil Toruk

Toruk (66 of 149)

What seemingly started as pure chaos and confusion on stage quickly transitioned from a blue man group gone tribal and gone wild to a clear story line of initiation, adventure and treasure hunting. The stage came to life with fire, water, and cave-like realms while cunning wild-like beasts and ginormous flowers, threatening to put one to sleep with their smell, shared the stage with acrobatic Avatars.

The first main performance included a solo Avatar dancing in fabric hanging high above the ground. Her mission was to obtain seeds, fruit or pistons from the flower hanging high above. This was accomplished as her “brothers” awaited her below.  Mesmerizing.

The crowd fumbled for their smart phones for the first app-interactive experience where the crowd had the opportunity to become a part of the scenery by pointing their screen towards the show and becoming “a star” in the night sky.  This interactive experience was available throughout the show. It appeared about 30% of the crowd participated as others continued to stay fixated on center stage.

The crowd followed travels of the Avatar as they sought out relics that would ultimately save the tree of souls. The tree of souls appears to be a sacred central point across all clans. Maybe it houses their ancestors? Maybe it is the place where there is peace, love and harmony for all regardless of tribe? Sounds a bit like what we search for here on this earth. The problem is that the things that we often most seek in our world are overshadowed by more of a money tree not a life tree. Is this the main message we should all awake to?

The hunters continue their journey as they encounter powerful predators on both land and in the sky.  They encounter other clans that were harmoniously placed upon their path to protect, deter and guide their purpose.  The most integral beast is THE TORUK which is the massive scarlet and yellow striped predator that looms overhead. In the end…one of the Avatar mounts THE TORUK to fulfill the prophesy and to save the tree of souls. The majestic, winged creature loses his life in the flight and plight to save the tree of souls. The loss of these beasts are not a celebration for the Avatar. Regardless of their threat as predators there is a notable “respect for life” theme woven within fabric of this whimsical world. 


Written By: Jessica Montour
Fashionable Correspondent

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Photos By: Teddy Gomez