Odesza takes the stage at Red Rocks

It was a night you will not forget. With the day being rainy and wet, Red Rocks was cooler in the evening but provided the perfect temps to dance the night away. Even early in the night the event was showing good promise with amazing crowd turnout. I had the chance to relax on the bleachers while listening to the sounds of the opening acts, anticipating what was yet to come.

When Odesza takes the stage, it was as if you could feel the tension in the air, the anticipation running high with everyone waiting to hear their soothing sounds. As they entered into their 1.5 hour set, I was immediately sent into an euphoric state of mind and my body was pulled into the beats. As if my mind was in full control by their music, my mind would just follow, as it should. The night air combined with the stars in the sky and I instantly felt as if I was placed into another world. One filled with light and love, pulsating with music deep into my core. Having been a fan of Odesza for a few years now, I have always loved their smooth transitions between beats. Different tempos laid on top of one another to create a beautiful mash-up of sound. Being here tonight made me well aware of just how much other people probably felt the same as me. Spending two nights under the stars at Red Rocks, listening to such urethral sounds will put you in just the right mood to handle what life has in store. I know this may sound silly to some but I feel there is something about their music that calms the soul and puts you in a great state of mind.

If you have the chance to catch Odesza live, I would strongly suggest doing so. As for me, I will be checking out night two of Odesza at Red Rocks and enjoying life a little more because of it. This sold-out show will be one for the records.

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Photos by: Felicia Santilla

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