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It was a lovely afternoon in Denver, Colorado. The skies were blue and all was set for what was yet to be an enchanting evening.  Fashion Forward and Xposer Magazine were in the house to capture the elegance and flair. As Denver continues to grow, so too does its fashion scene. Every year we are witnessing bigger and better shows with designers continuously developing and outdoing themselves.  Wednesday evening, two of Denver’s Best designers left the crowd in awe as their newest collections hit the runway. 

Noir, a fashion show by D’Lola Couture featuring special guest, Gino Velardi, was a fashion show for the books. The show took place in one of Denver’s most beautiful venues, Baldoria on the Water. Upon arrival, guests walked through beautiful pillars into an Italianesque setting, with chandeliers everywhere. Guests were dressed to the nines with DJ Rockstar Aaron front and center doing what he does best. VIP guests were treated as sheer royalty; complimentary wine was available thanks to Bella Vino. The wine was exquisite, and the tasty appetizers left guests going back for more.  The anticipation was building as guests enjoyed their wine and made their bids at the silent auction. Photographers, models, and all in attendance were more than ready to see the show take place.

Noir, was more than just your average fashion show it was a fashion show built around emotion, love & creativity. The fashion show was a part of Deedee Vicory’s (D’Lola Designer) late husband, Justin Vicory’s long term vision. Justin succumbed to his battle with Melanoma at the young age of 35. This fashion show was a part of his vision to bring awareness to Melanoma. Proceeds from this magnificent event will go to the Colorado Melanoma Foundation, who will award a research grant in honor of Justin Vicory.  

Prior to showtime, President of the Colorado Melanoma Foundation, Neil Box, made a few remarks. He mentioned that it is easier to prevent melanoma than to cure melanoma. Skin cancer rates continue to rise in Colorado due to the high altitude and sunshine.  The Melanoma foundation states that, “Colorado experiences about 130% the national average of incidence,” (with a number of new cases diagnosed each year).  Neil also made it loud and clear that wearing sunscreen is key and that it is best to prevent melanoma than to cure it…so wear your SUNSCREEN. 

Deedee Vicory of D’Lola, gave her remarks of gratitude, and spoke of the promise she had made prior to her husband’s passing. She would fulfill as many of the dreams they had once dreamt of together…Noir, was one of them.  Emotion filled the room as she pointed out that there was a front row seat saved for her late husband Justin. 

The show commenced with special guest, Gino Velardi.  Gino presented his Black Collection complete with evening wear. The music set the mood and rhythm as disco music morphed into that of today’s era! Gino Velardi’s Black immediately captivated the audience. The silhouettes, the lace, the sexy, and the punk were cohesive. Gino truly created a versatile collection that compliments the women’s silhouette.   Throughout Gino’s collection we were graced with ruffles, sheer, velvet, black fused sparkle, what looked like leather, tulle, and plunging V-necks.  We were even stunned with a beautiful sheer dress, which completely showed off the models silhouette. Gino’s designs had us ready to party. There were also looks that screamed sexy, romantic and edgy all at the same time.  As each models hit the runway the next look was always unpredictable! Oh, but let us not forget the calf length long velvet coat…so edgy, so sexy. The collection was unique, and electrical! No wonder Gino is known as Denver’s most prominent fashion designer! If Christian Dior were alive, he would have summoned Gino and applauded his creative genius! 

PHENOMANAL. EMOTIONAL. STUNNING. Are the words best used to describe Noir, by Deedee Vicory of D’Lola Couture. Deedee presented day, evening and bridal wear. Her collection consisted of modest yet elegant pieces varying from something sultry to something sexy.   Noir, had a series of rich fabrics that ultimately brought the designs together from satins, prints, taffeta, organza and tulle. The silhouettes of the designs were perfection with deep “u necks” and beautiful back designs. The collection was one of a kind.   Deedee of D’Lola is a wedding seamstress by trade and traditionally designs wedding gowns. Thus, Noir, was something completely new, and showed us Deedee’s ability to design outside of her known esthetic.  Let’s just say her work was phenomenal and her ability to be so versatile left the crowd in awe.

The collection was cohesive and truly spoke to Deedee’s designs and emotions. As soon as the models hit the runway you could almost feel the emotion in each one of the designs from dark and somber too sexy and romantic. It is obvious that Deedee has a passion for what she does. You could feel the tears, the happiness, the melancholy and true love in the collection. The collection brought the crowd to their feet and it was also solidified as the black and white bridal gown hit the runway!   Some gowns were paired with beautiful head pieces from roses to what looked like crow feathers and even an upside down face mask. As Deedee’s collection hit the runway the pieces became more and more intimate, more and more voluptuous, ending with big beautiful ball gowns!!!  That after the D’Lola way.  Noir, by D’Lola Couture was a glimpse of the magic that is always possible through love. 

There is no doubt that Gino Velardi and Deedee Vicory are the best of the best. Their collections truly shined on the runway as much as their beautiful friendship. Baldoria on the Water was full of Denver’s Fashionistas and philanthropists. At the end of the night Denver’s fashion community showered the designers with love. Tears were wiped, hearts were full, and the smiles were never ending.  Noir, by D’Lola Couture will remain in the hearts of all who attended the grand fashion show. Let us ode to the harmony made possible through fashion and philanthropy!

Leticia Rose’s Ravishing Three…fave looks from D’Lola


Leticia Rose’s Ravishing Three…fave looks from Gino Velardi


Leticia Rose

MSc Fashion Management

Written by Fashion Forward Correspondent Leticia Rose MSc Fashion Management

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Photos by Teddy Gomez / Xposer Photography