Monster Jam made its way into Mile High Stadium

Monster Jam made its way into Mile High Stadium for a night of awesome, action packed excitement!! With 14 trucks competing and much more space to do it in, the stunts were that much more phenomenal with everyone operating at their full potential. This event included three separate challenges: Racing, Two-Wheel Skills and Freestyle segments. Each of the segments could be voted on by the fans by going to on their smart phone devices.

The event began with the racing portion. All trucks lined up where the end goal would be on the field with the track laid out before them. Much larger than any I had ever seen before when Monster Jam has been to the Pepsi Center or any other arena setting before. This was the
major league! Our lineup for Denver included Grave Digger (Tyler Menninga), Son-uva Digger (Ryan Anderson), Max-D (Tom Meents), Bakugan Dragonoid (Camden Murphy), Megladon (Justin Sipes), Monster Mutt Dalmatian (Cynthia Gauthier), El Toro Loco (Brad Allen), Avenger (Jim Koehler), Bounty Hunter (Jimmy Creten), Scarlet Bandit (Dawn Creten), Stone Crusher (Buddy Tompkins) Hooked (Brian White), Bad Company (John Gordon) and Big Kahuna (Shane England).

The first round of racing ended by draw going to Bakugan Dragonoid & Megladon with Megladon coming out on top after the third and final round. The two wheel challenge followed and this is where the real excitement began, each driver trying to top the one before and many ended up on their roofs from not being able to find that proper balance on their front wheels, something I would imagine to be very hard to do but Monster Mutt Dalmatian, Max-D and Bakugan Dragonoid rounded out the top three spots for this particular challenge.

The final was the freestyle and this is when the drivers pulled out no stops. A ramp at the end of the track was perfectly placed for the drivers to attempt their infamous backflips and many did just that. The crowd roared with excitement as Monster Mutt Dalmatian pulled off the first one of the night, completely destroying the truck in the process of all her stunts. With a 9.773, Cynthia Gauthier was going to be hard to beat but Megladon’s driver Justin Sipes managed to edge her out slightly with his score of 9.782 after slaying the track himself and pulling off a wicked backflip to end his run. Son-uva Digger’s Ryan Anderson finished in third but even though Max-D ended up fourth place in freestyle, his points position landed him in first place and he took home the championship for the night. It’s hard for any fan to choose their favorite point of this evening, it was exciting from start to finish and left you wanting for more. I can’t wait till Monster Jam comes back to the Broncos Mile High Stadium for more action packed fun!!

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📷 Teddy G / Xposer Photography