Marvel Universe Live Review

It was amazing to see the turnout for opening night of Marvel Universe Live! Walking up to the Pepsi Center, parents with their children were all very eager to get inside the doors. You could hear the excited cries of the youth as they anticipated seeing their most favorite comic book hero live on stage. Their little eyes shine so bright and the parents are not usually too far behind! I also would have to say, I was curious as to how much action would be in this performance and what kind of visuals it would have. I have been a Marvel fan from days of my youth so I was also very excited to see what it would bring.

The arena setting provided a wonderful platform for viewing pleasure. Being on the lower level gave you the opportunity to feel the action that was taking place before you. Having finally sat down just before the lights dimmed, I took a look around at all the kids’ excitement as Dr. Strange enters onto the stage. Following the story of how Dr. Strange introduces the Wand of Watoomb and its immense, mystic powers, which was then stolen by the Ravagers. Loki wants the Watoomb for himself and the rest that follows is an intense, action packed stage performance, to include many of your favorites like Spider-Man, Bruce Banner, Thor and all of the Avengers with the assistance of course from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

This production has an absolutely amazing storyline, very imaginative and really pulls you into the performance. A live production is always much more different as opposed to viewing a film production. With film, you are only watching, but with a live production; you feel more as though you are one of the supporting cast, cheering them on and living each scene with them. The character performers of the evening did just this, interacting with the audience to pull them into the story line. I can’t even explain how wonderful it was to watch the faces of those little kids when their fav superhero took to the stage. It was such a great sight to see, sure that’s one thing that drives these performers to go out there each and every night.

I don’t want to give away too much of the story plot because I really encourage each and every one to go see this one but there will be motorcycles, superheroes driving those motorcycles, awesome pyrotechnics and Spiderman doing backflips and hanging from rafters. What more could someone ask for? Overall, I would say that this is an event you would not want to miss out on. It was very entertaining for all ages with extreme action as well. Fun for the whole family!

Marvel Universe Live will be in Denver until the August 6, 2017 and you can find tickets by clicking on the link below:

Marvel Universe Live Tickets

I recommend getting as close as you can to the stage if possible! It is worth it!!

Written by Bella