CorePower Yoga Presents Yoga On The Rocks


Every Saturday this summer, close to 2,000 Yogis will gather in an epic outdoor space to om, flow and Chaturanga in perfect harmony. These events are one of many sponsored by CorePower Yoga to help students change their bodies. CorePower Yoga is the largest privately held chain of yoga studios in the United States…their motto is LIVE YOUR POWER.  At CorePower Yoga, their goal is to help one realize the difference between a workout that changes your body and one that changes your life.

As an avid Yogi for five+ years, I can attest to all of the ways yoga can be a life-changing journey. Originally, I started my yoga journey as a means to heal an aching lower back. I gave yoga a “whirl” and quickly learned that the benefits of yoga stretched me (no pun intended) far beyond just bringing relief to my chronic back pain. I have learned to become a better listener…by way of having to take instruction from yoga teachers while in motion. I have learned how to breathe. Yes, breathe. Isn’t it odd? I have learned how to sit still, how to rest and how to rejuvenate when my energy tank is running low. I have learned how to heal myself, love myself and nurture myself without feeling guilty. These are not the guarantees of yoga…everyone is different, but for me the journey has been fruitful. 

Attending classes once a week quickly turned into attending classes multiple times a week. As I learned more about yoga poses and flow, I felt a notable difference in my persona. I began to work yoga into my everyday by rolling out my mat in my living room (even if just for 20 minutes). This has further evolved to striking a pose on hikes, family vacations and doing yoga every day! 

As a nature lover, I especially enjoy doing yoga outdoors. I have discovered how to further enjoy landscapes by becoming one with all types of spaces and in all sorts of places. My yoga journey has taken me here, there and everywhere. I feel like Dr. Seuss in his green eggs and ham book. I love green eggs and ham. I love them Sam I am!!!



If you have never tried yoga, I cannot encourage you enough to give it a shot. Yes, it is a different language. Yes, you will feel odd at first. Yes, the people in the room may seem a bit out of this world. Yes, people occasionally pass gas during a session. It is no biggie though! Yogis are a tribe that are looking to be in their own space and tend to zone out a bit. They are not worried about what you look like or if your toenails are trimmed. Be prepared for the unfamiliar and open yourself up for what is to come. 

“I’m too old to do yoga” is the most common thing I hear from friends and family about their thoughts and feelings on yoga. Did you know some of the best yogis are in their 90’s? Can you believe it? Talk about a fountain of youth. You will be amazed with what your body is capable of doing. Yoga is not something you push yourself to the limit. Yoga is a progression. Yoga is about consistency. There is no “intensity” about it. In a western world of competition and pushing ourselves to the limits, this is the one space you can NOT feel pressure of having to give 110%. I will never forget the moment I felt okay with doing yoga at 70%. It was a moment of…

✔️I’m not there yet.

✔️The pressure is off.

✔️I’m okay with where I am right here and right now. 

✔️Maybe next time.. Because I at least know for certain that there WILL be a “next time”. 


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Written By: Jessica Montour
Owner Fashion Forward

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Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography