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KOOZA Cirque du Soleil is back in Denver!!

🎥Cirque du Soleil
This time to showcase an amazing and innovative journey under the Big Top, bringing you the intimate feel of what the old world circus used to be! Upon arrival, you are greeted with performers interacting with attendees outside of the circus tent. This tent is such a spectacular sight to see!! The stimulation of being in pure awe was astounding. It was captivating as I was sent back to the days of my youth and remembering this grand dior. If you have never experienced a true circus before, this is your moment to change that history!

The story of ‘Kooza’ is Viewed from the perspective of an innocent boy who loses his kite. All while being followed under the watchful eye of an enigmatic trickster with remarkable abilities.

We then are taken on an exciting journey all over the world as the kite travels far and wide before ever returning to the boy. During this time it faced much adversity from storms, rain and power lines, all while discovering so much beauty that is around us in the world. It is a discovery of self that we will follow as the audience, watching an endearing child long for his kite all while being displayed interactive images from across the globe. In a brief synapse, finding your place in this world. Many times during the show, performers would engage with the audience. From running through the isles to even one gentleman getting pulled on stage for an impromptu interaction which had the clowns and he eventually lead to a sword fight. Mocked of course but so much fun to be a part of. This is the meaning of entertainment!

From the opening scene, showing you the young boy flying his kite which then progresses into a beautiful display of an aerial silk serenade.

I haven’t even begun to tell you about the amazing performances by these gifted and talented artists, which happens to be the most exciting part! The strength displayed while creating this art is inspiring and breathtaking. From here, many performances followed, each more daring than the next! The Circle of Death was insane, truly showcasing how much the human body can endure. These amazing artists love being able to give you a show you won’t forget, night after night. They live for our response of glee, joy, excitement and fear as we watch their daredevil ways from our seats. My eyes never ripped from the stage as the night progressed. Challenging their capabilities, many were sent to great heights which left me gripping my seat but obviously was an adventurous ride!

Tickets for ‘Kooza’ are still available but limited as they are selling out fast so please don’t miss your chance to see this sensational event!

Click here for the link to take you to your very best seat.

Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Kooza’ will be in Denver until August 13th and if you go, I want to hear about it!

Stay tuned to Xposer Magazine, where you go to be scene!


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