Jane’s Addiction Plays to Sold out Audience at the Ogden


On a brisk evening in lower downtown Denver, you can see a crowd forming a line 30 minutes prior to the doors being opened. By 7pm, that line stretched for blocks down Colfax filled with eager fans waiting to see one of their favorite bands, Jane’s Addiction. Once they entered, their ears met the wonderful sounds of a local Colorado quartet by the name of ‘Flaural’. Self-labeled as New-Wave Psych Pop, they reminded me of something from the 60’s with a little Led Zeppelin feel. The group provided a very nice setup for the much-anticipated return of Jane’s Addiction to Denver.

Sold out once again, this time at the Ogden, Perry, Dave, Chris and Stephen take the stage after a 30min change between sets and the audience erupts in cheer. Opening the show with “Up the Beach” and quickly following with their hit “Stop!” the crowd literally did not stop moving until the end of the night. Between Perry Farrell’s sensual moves on stage to the way Dave Navarro strokes his hands upon the guitar, this amazing group of talented performers brings back the sex into Rock-N-Roll. Commanding the stage and captivating the crowd, they fully embody what a performer should be; conveying the music so that you feel the passion to. The short stories between the songs were entertaining to listen to as well and provided the perfect transition into the music.

After playing the well-known hit “Been Caught Stealing”, the band played a cover of an old Tom Petty fav, “Breakdown”. The way Perry slinks across the stage, one would say the music itself was moving him rather than himself, such fluidity went perfectly with the lights. A wonderful visual display that eventually heated up rather quickly during the night when two girls appeared on the stage and began to do dances of sorts involving straps and bands. However, during their song “Three Days”, one would say the whole room got a bit steamy when the girls got very up close and personal with lead singer Perry Farrell. Their motions chiming perfectly with the rhythm of the song must have turned the heat up a good 20 degrees because even I started to sweat seeing the display before me!

Ending their set with a song titled “Whores”, they bring out two girls to perform human suspension, in which hooks will be placed in their backs in order for them to hang live during the performance. One of the girls being a local Denver native as well will describe the experience as something on the euphoric side. Kasja has performed with the group many times and tonight was just like any other. You could see the sheer excitement from both her and the crowd as many onlookers witnessed their first ever-human suspension. Amazing just how much Jane’s Addiction brings to their live shows. Such raw passion and love for what they do that it engulfs the crowd. I would highly recommend seeing them if you ever have the opportunity to witness the show for yourself. Words are meager compared to what your eyes will see. 

After leaving the stage, they return for an encore of …. why “Jane Says” of course. And soon after the lights go down on a most wonderful night.

For more information on Jane’s Addiction along with finding out their future tour dates, you can CLICK HERE  

Hope you were there to enjoy the evening but if not, hope this inspired you to go check out their show in the future. Till next time….



Photos by Teddy G/ Xposer Photography