Red Carpet Les Couleurs Charity


There are fashion shows spread across the globe during specified fashion weeks. Some events are for industry insiders, some are for press and buyers, and others are merely for entertainment. Fashion shows with a higher purpose are the productions we keep a watchful eye out for.  Les Couleurs Charity is a focused organization with clarity around the statistics they aim to impact. 

We aim to inspire and empower underprivileged children through arts education and creativity


*Only 1 in 10,000 Haitians have access to a modern doctor. 

*70% lack access to running water and sanitary facilities. 

*Only 11% of Haitians have electricity.  

*Haiti has an unemployment rate of over 40%. 

*Of those who do have jobs, more than 2/3 are employed “informally,” meaning they are selling their goods in the market or on the streets.  

*Over 75% of youth in Haiti cannot read or write. 

*Only 50% attend primary school and from there, only 20% go on to secondary school. 

*Only 1 out of 100 children in Haiti has the chance to attend college.

Make an impact all year long. 100% of your donations go towards arts education program CREATE in Haiti. Donate today!

Written By: Jessica Montour

Wardrobe Consultant Fashion Forward

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Photos by Daniel Sanchez