Pictures: Exile 6 Fetish Ball

Year after year, the Exile Fetish Ball has yet to disappoint its loyal fans. For six years, Lokusdor Productions has put on the event and each year, it seems to gain the attention of many new people. 350 attendees had already arrived by 10pm and the show had just begun! Bringing in new vendors and sponsors. Last year, this event raised $10,000 for organizations in our community. You don’t hear too often of an event that gives so much back to its community, but that may be why this particular event rises above all others around it.

The Exile Fetish Ball has a showcase of kink everywhere you look, from the flogging posts to the right of the stage, along with electrical apparatuses designed to heighten your sexual arousal. This place has it all, for any sort of fetish you might be into. You may not even be sure if you would like any of this but the best part of the ball is that you are able to try it all! Take it for a test drive and see if you like it enough to let it become a part of your routine 😉

Among the attendees, you could see that some were here to see what it was all about and others that lived the lifestyle fully. Masters walking around with their pets next to your average Joe and his housewife. No one even turning a strange eye to notice the different appearances. Off to the corners of the stage, there were aerial performers dancing in their hoops.  Such a great night of visual erotica. People all around dressed to their comfort and all enjoying this life for what it is and exploring their deepest thoughts and desires.

Long before 50 Shades of Gray was ever a topic in the breakroom, there were Fetish Balls. This allowed people to find what kink truly suited them in a safe environment amongst their peers. This particular Fetish Ball would be one of the more popular ones in the Denver scene. Boasting excellent stage shows balanced with side stage performers, this particular event tends to bring the most out.

Stage performances included burlesque by Dolly Pockets, kitten play & puppy play along with special suspension acts performed by Ashleigh and Kasja from Bound by Design; one of the featured sponsors of tonight’s event. Ashleigh takes the stage first and Kasja assists her with her rigging. After a few moments, Ashleigh soars into the air and begins to swing above the crowd. Unfortunately, due to the carabiners being too tight, she had to leave the stage preemptively but the crowd surrounding the stage was ever so supportive as they cheered her on. Kasja was assisted onto the rigs and was simultaneously hoisted up into the air for her spins. About midway through, yours truly, gets thrown onto the stage and I began struggling with Brandi, the one who pulled me up there. Presenting me to Kasja, I then grab Kasja by the neck while throwing my feet around her waist and we are pulled back into the air, twirling in ecstasy the whole time. For less than a minute, I felt on top of the world. I could not describe to you how wonderful that felt to go flying above the audience. It was a great finale for the night.

Beyond stoked for next year already, this year’s Fetish Ball was a complete success. All those who came had a wonderful time. Stay tuned for all of Denver’s most exciting upcoming events by subscribing to our page on Facebook! Hope you enjoy the read.



Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography