Ethan Minsker Man in Camo Denver Film Festival

An interesting twist on a biographical setting. Ethan Minsker was diagnosed with severe dyslexia when he was young. As an artist, he always used this method to communicate his feelings more than any other but some perceived his images as being very dark. In some of his films there would be suicide, murder and robberies. Ethan used his art as an outlet. After being ridiculed and made fun of in school, he found the local punk scene and began to get submersed in the music. Soon enough he was at shows and becoming more of himself. Shaved his head into a mohawk, despite his parents disapproval. Being surrounded with like minded people, Ethan grew more self confidence and his art flourished from that.

During the movie you explore Ethan’s mind, how he came to have such a passion for art and what drove him into making films. You watch the progression and growth from all the knowledge he has gained through the years but what’s most impressive is the fact art literally saved his life. Art can speak to so many in different ways, I know music itself has the ability to send you into emotional overdrive. With Ethan, his films were his method of communication. To escape from his reality. He credits art for saving him from suicide. “Why would I give the satisfaction to the rest of the world by ending my life early? Why wouldn’t I make as much art and put myself out there as much as I can?”

Proof that art can change lives. If you’re looking for an interesting outlook into someone’s life, Iwould highly suggest you check this movie out. It will be playing at the Denver Film Festival currently going on until November 11th so don’t miss out on any of the action.

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