Couture Fashion Week New York Fall 2017

“The format of New York Fashion Week is changing for several design houses as the industry continues to consider the benefits of a “show now-buy now” market strategy.  A majority of the collections; however, are sticking to the traditional model of showing Fall Winter on the runway in February.  Regardless of which direction designers take…one thing remains certain, there is always a market calling for COUTURE”.  Jessica Montour – Fashion Forward 

New York Fashion Week would not be complete without a dose of what Andres Aquino has become a master at featuring.  Founded in 2005, he presents a series of couture and luxury fashion shows in New York City, Cannes and other major fashion capitals. Fashion Forward and Xposer Magazine had the opportunity to partake in these shows once again this season.  Andres’ shows are infused with collections from around the globe and include live entertainment, dance numbers, singers and an artistic flair.  If there is ever an opportunity to clone myself, it would be during fashion week.  So many shows…so little time.

Mety Choa is an Indonesian designer who specializes in bridal and evening gowns.  She brought forth a crisp collection of bridal gowns with ice princesses adorned with jewel crowns, ear pieces and face jewelry. 

Jessica’s #1 Pick: Embroidered Beauty White Bridal Gown

Andres Aquino was not only the host, he also shared a diverse collection of all things fabulous with his “Belle of the Ball” collection.  He had my heart early on with his all black looks, full of high collars, puffy sleeves and broad shoulders.  His collection expanded and took form with dancers and singers in between the showcase.  It was an amazing demonstration of his ability to span his work across several different esthetics and styles.

Jessica’s #1 Pick: Black Piped with Pops of Color Jacket

Vanny Tousignant is an Indonesian and US designer who showcased primarily gowns.  Her specialty is notably this loyalty that she exhibits to embroidery.  The swirls come alive in her dual colored gowns as it becomes easy to fixate on the intricate detail that seems to be her fortey.

Jessica’s #1 Pick: Light Teal Miss Universe Worthy Gown

Ruchika Kabra is a designer from India and the US.  Her gowns were cohesive as a collection with complicated construction, ruffles in all of the right places and with notable contrasting fabrics.  She has a knack for mixing colors, patterns and fabrics with just the right accents.  She is a designer who is notably through her designs with no edits or additions needed.  Exquisite!

Jessica’s #1 Pick: Royal Red and Gold Gown

Alexandra Popescu-York is a USA designer who is no stranger to New York Fashion Week.  She is also no stranger to knowing what it takes to “wow” the crowd.  Her gowns were a combination of pure glam meets modern day goddess.  The shimmer and shine is enough for any femme to make a statement, whether they gravitate towards Old Hollywood or New Hollywood.  Red carpet relevant and award show celebrity ready is the best way I can describe her latest collection that graced the runway.

Jessica’s #1 Pick: Depths of Blue Beautiful Gown

Reuden Banks is out of Australia.  She showcased classic and timeless pieces that are perfect for those evening events or dinner party fundraisers. These are pieces that can outlast many other pieces in a closet for the mere fact that they are relevant now and will continue to be relevant in 10-15 years.  Her designs are not shy and her choice of fabric is brave.

Jessica’s #1 Pick: Lady in Red Dress

Houda El Fechka Eddiouane is a Moroccan and Netherland Designer.  Her designs take me to a fabulous yet conservative event with social elite in a concrete castle.  The feel of what she presented was both majestic and renaissance.  She has an amazing talent of mixing and matching while adding accents, adornments and flair without making it look like too much.  The collection is luxurious, rich and royal all at once.

Jessica’s #1 Pick: Multicolored Slice of Heaven Gown

Written By: Jessica Montour Owner Fashion Forward


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Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography