Art Hearts Fashion NYFW Fall 2017

“New York Fashion Week allows us to hit ‘ctrl, alt, delete’ on everything we have seen up to that point and get a fresh perspective on what is on the horizon,” –Jessica Montour, Owner Fashion Forward

The energy and imagery of New York Fashion Week took center stage to once again kick off seasonal fashion weeks throughout the world. Xposer Magazine and Fashion Forward were there to capture what is in the hearts, minds and hands of big name design teams who live to share their art through fashion. Art Hearts Fashion Show made their mark with a showcase of collections in a contemporary setting. Founded in 2011 by philanthropist and designer Erik Rosete, the runway show has grown to become a top platform in both the art and fashion communities.

So many shows…so little time. If there was one time during the year that I could clone myself it would be during fashion week. Here is a taste of what graced the spotless black lacquered runway to benefit The Angel Orensanz Foundation in Manhattan.

Fernando Alberto is a third generation designer and continues his family’s legacy of luxury designer garments. He strives for designs that flow effortlessly with every move. His fashion house is considered an up and coming house in Los Angeles California. He is able to capture the essence of the modern woman in his collections. 

It’s easy to see that Fernando has the experience, “know how” and appreciation of luxury fashion. His ability to transform fabrics into on trend and wearable garments with a consistency around sheer and chic is flawless.  Simply exquisite!  It’s no wonder that celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Lauren Hill, Ashanti and Mya have all taken interest in his collections. 

Jessica’s #1 Pick

“Dark with Sheer Elegance” Gown

She sees through me like the moonlight that cuts through a dark starry night. There is not much left to the imagination but there is so much more than meet the eye…because it feeds directly into my soul.

Pineda Covalin invites us to travel across the beauty and bounty of Latin America by looking through the lens of past, present and future. The house is clear on their esthetic, vision and place within the world of cultural paradigms and popular culture. They strive to be but a mirror of what is real and celebrate what is meaningful. 

According to their website, “Pineda Covalin contributes to the legacy of [their] ancestors through unique handcrafted designs created by people in Tenango de Doria, San Nicolás and Acaxochitlán communities in the state of Hidalgo, where every piece has history where an artist’s soul is captured.”

Jessica’s #1 Pick

“Butterflight and Butterflow” Chic Robe

The flight and migration of the butterfly will never die. You can’t tell her where to go or what paths to take…her ancestors have left their dust on the trail. She is faithful to how it naturally pulls on her and makes her wings float.

Mr. Triple X encourages you to follow him down the rabbit hole. In addition to creating collections, he is also playful and has a knack for being creative with his play on words.  Interested in going to Pair all Dice? Have you ever read All X in Wonderland? His latest collection at New York Fashion Week was a ready to wear collection with a London Street Style flavor. Metallic fabrics, bomber jackets and embroidery art were simply enough leaving any impulsive and “now” millennial shopper salivating. MTX is no stranger to showing collections at New York Fashion Week and has also featured swim and resort collections in Miami. 

Jessica’s #1 Pick:

“Xposed Shoulder New New”  Bomber Jacket

The bird that is perched upon my heart sings her praises to me. I stand tall.  I stand confident.  I extend an olive branch when the opportunity presents itself because I am not too proud to admit when I may have been wrong.

Written By: Jessica Montour

Owner Fashion Forward


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Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography

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