Cirque’s Crystal First Appearance in Denver March 13-16 2024 Ball Arena | Xposer Magazine [Photos]

Cirque’s Crystal First Appearance in Denver
March 13-16 2024 Ball Arena

Mesmerized could be the only word I use to describe the overall feeling you get when you witness such beauty displayed before your eyes, beginning with the opening scene which makes you hold your breath as you dive into the world of our lead character ‘Crystal’; a creative young girl who feels misunderstood. from moment to scene, the synchromatic displacement captivates you and you are meant to be in awe. In conjugation with the musical background, you become transported to a moment in time, playing along with the scene as it is acted out dancing along with the music that it brings.

Amongst the death-defying acts I am always intrigued to see when movements in the performance have been changed so let these words speak to you, don’t miss one show because the most beautiful thing about Cirque is their ability to recreate and redesign even while a show has been in production for many years before!

Whimsical is the only word to describe this event you don’t want to miss seeing so grab your tickets while ‘CRYSTAL’ is still here! If you have never witnessed a Cirque du Soleil performance before, this will be a treat.
Get your tickets now by clicking this link below and check out the amazing photos we were able to bring! I hope you enjoy the show!


Stay tuned as always Denver to Xposer Magazine…..its where you go to be scene!


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