Carry the Flame Tour 2017

Tuesday nights in Denver are quickly making themselves known as the “Carry the Flame Tour 2017” hits the stage at our very own Summit Music Hall. Catering to a packed house, the Summit Music Hall lends the perfect environment for metal showcases, such as this one. Years ago, I fell in love with this venue and tonight, I get to see a few of my favorites grace the stage.

Starting the night off was “Invent Animate”, followed by “Fit for an Autopsy”. Doors opened at 6 for this all ages event and the early birds enjoyed quite a good opening lineup! Both of these bands are one to watch with great stage presence and heavy riffs.

Next up is “Fit for a King”, who proved to be yet another perfect addition to this tour. Known as a Christian Metalcore band, they hail from Dallas, TX and are currently signed to Solid State Records. Playing hits from both recent and past releases, you could feel the energy of the crowd begin to grow as the music pumped through their veins. Closing out their set, they clear the stage to make way for “Emmure” to perform.

The floor gets a bit crowded now for these heavy hitters of the music industry as they take the stage to perform for the crowd. The numbers have grown on the floor and the anticipation is high. As the lights dim, Frankie and the boys take their spots and the notes begin to play, serenading the crowd and setting the mood.

Formed in 2003, “Emmure” was originally signed to Victory Records, immediately after releasing their 2005 EP “The Complete Guide to Needlework” and soon released their major label debut in 2007 titled “Goodbye to the Gallows”. Opening up the show with “Bring a Gun to School” from their ‘Eternal Enemies’ album, the crowd was quickly back in action moving along to the music coming from the stage. With heavy bass hits and sensational guitar riffs, “Emmure” has been one of the most stellar acts to take the stage. Commanding the audience, Frankie gets the crowd involved like no other and soon you see the pit begin to form. New to the lineup is Joshua Travis on the guitar. You may have seen him play before as his talent is unheard of in the metal scene. Making sweeps look easy as he plays such hits as “Sunday Bacon” and “I Thought you met Telly & Turned Me Into Casper” from their mind-blowing CD “Felony”. I would have to say that this particular release was a personal favorite of mine so I was stoked to see a couple of songs performed tonight. Showcasing 2 songs from their new CD that drops in stores this Friday March 3, you can tell that this CD… much like all of their others, was meant to drive hard and fast into the hearts of those who listen, making the release of “Look at Yourself” a highly anticipated one. After 40 solid minutes of earth-shattering, ground pounding bass, technical changes and intense vocals, “Emmure” ends the night with “Children of Cybertron” and leave the stage to segway into our headliners of the evening.

After a brief intermission, “After the Burial” walks out to greet the near sold-out crowd. Staring up at the stage, all I see are these lights and their silhouette. Suddenly, you feel the bass begin to play as the music soars through your body, pulsating through your muscles and commanding you to move. For over an hour they played many crowd favs, including a few from their latest CD ‘Dig Deep’.

If you’re able to make it out to any of the remaining dates on this tour, I would highly suggest doing just that. The overall feel from the show was nothing short of amazing. Each band on the lineup provides you with a fantastic evening of entertainment. With many more dates to come, don’t miss out on this one!!!

Special thanks to Summit Music Hall for always showcasing awesome shows and thanks again for the read. Don’t forget to give us a like on Facebook and stay tuned till next time!



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Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography

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