AMSOIL Arenacross hit Denver this past weekend


The AMSOIL Arenacross hit Denver this past weekend to showcase some rowdy riding on the mighty dirt track. The high-octane competition some would say is like motocross but on steroids!  The most fearless athletes in this sport lay it all on the line for just one shot at victory. Getting the crowd amped up is no easy task though the sounds of the engine sure do make it seem that way. From beginning to end, it was a night filled with non-stop action.

Opening up the night was the mechanic’s challenge. In this event, kids are chosen to race against each other relay style; holding a set of handlebars the kids ran down the field to their mechanics (or moms in this case) where they handed them off for the mechanics to attach. I had the chance to participate with my son on this one and we had such a great time! My little guy was the smallest of the group but still tried his hardest against the bigger boys. You could see the excitement in all of their eyes to just be down on the track and in the spotlight. After that came the main event.

As the riders approached their places on the starting gates, the crowd began to cheer. I was on the edge of my seat waiting with anticipation for the gates to drop and when they did, the crowd erupted around me with deep resounding sound. It was intense from the very beginning seeing the riders wreck around the bends. Safety is a must so when a rider wrecks, they send up a yellow flag on the track to visually show the other riders to take it easy and keep a lookout so they don’t go down too. There was only one red flag of the evening where they had to stop the race to get a rider off the track. These guys risk their lives each night to do what they love and to bring you the excitement you crave. Such hard work and dedication for every turn and jump you see.

The overall winner of the evening was Chris Blose followed by Gavin Faith who came in a close second. Many racing fans packed the arena for this pro rider event and no one left disappointed. I personally cannot wait till the next event takes the Denver stage once again!  If you would like to find out where this tour will be next click here to see what city they will be in next!

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Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography