Voodoo Productions Presents

Voodoo Productions has been in business for just short of 18 years… The March 26th 2016 show at the Gothic was their 305th show at that venue, and the show was off the hook, with nearly 400 people pouring into the beautiful location!

All the bands came and definitely brought their “A” game, with Lampwick from Nebraska, always great to have those guys in Denver, The All Girl band the High School Sophomore sensations Over the Castle, The band with the kick ass touch Visceral, Big Green Carpet that left every bit of their souls on the stage and Survive the Planet Kicked off the show and Kicked ass!

Props to each and every band for the hard work and stellar performances! It is great to see a large venue and operation as the Gothic Theater supporting the next line of musicians and bands trying to make their way to the big sell out shows.


Photos By John Root