Romanian-American fashion designer Alexandra Popescu-York @ Art Hearts Fashion NYFW

Although many designers confine themselves to creating clothes, which they sell on websites or in physical stores, Alexandra Popescu-York is proud to make fashion shows. She does not create dresses but concepts. Not clothes of a season but trends, movements, emotions. She believes that the most important thing as a designer, is that your product is original. “Authenticity is increasingly rare in the world of fashion,” says the creator.

After having worked in several companies as chief designer in Europe and America and saw that more emphasis has been put on industry and not art in fashion, about ten years ago, she decided to lay the foundations of her own business, Alexandra Art&Design, in an attempt to change the mentality and the way things go in a world aching for profit. She also adds, fashion without art is not fashion, it’s just industry, just functionality. “Many companies are rolling in thousands and millions of uniforms, and the average consumer is thrilled by the low prices that these things have, which does not differentiate them to the other consumers of that brand “, explains the creator. Many times she paints on the material, embroids or completely alters the texture by overlapping. “It is said that you cannot reinvent the wheel, but I am stubborn to prove that you can be original in fashion,” says the young lady.

Alexandra Popescu-York is painting since the age of three and had studied fashion design and plastic art at the University of Arts in Bucharest.

Established for over ten years in America, she has an impressive track record of national and international fashion shows and exhibitions.

📷 JJ Constantine