RMCAD Summer 2018 Fashion Show

On August 25, 2018 Megan Creedan, Victoria Felderman, Linda Lopez, Carlos Valles, and Alexandra Knox presented their graduation collections under the stars at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD).

A crew of talented and dedicated IT professionals, Facilities experts, and Security personnel transformed the grounds into a magical runway setting.

The show began with a modular collection created by Megan Creedan. Megan cited her inspiration as the women’s movement and her collection is designed to empower women to be strong, bold, and fearless. Creedan worked with digitally printed fabrics of her own design.

Next Victoria Felderman presented a whimsical, and very wearable, steam punk collection. Victoria’s collection featured detailed tailoring, asymmetrical collars, jodhpurs, and modern bustles.

Linda Lopez, an online graduate, showcased a collection of detailed evening wear in delicate pink, bold red, and dramatic black. Linda’s work embodied elegance.

Carlos Valles presented a collection of fashion forward pieces of faux leather, faux snakeskin, vinyl, and polka dots. Carlos credits the fabrics as inspiration and stated that he wanted to challenge boundaries. “I want people to be shocked” Valles said in his introductory video.

Alexandra Knox closed the show with a collection of gowns that were reminiscent of Hollywood glamour. Alexandra’s pieces showcased her skill in applique and embroidery with rich golds set against black and cream.  “I feel like Marilyn Monroe” said one of the models wearing Knox’s garments.

Congratulations to these talented students. I look forward to watching you set the fashion world on fire!

Dr. Darlene C. Ritz, Chair of the Fashion Design Department 

Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography