RC Caylan @ Art Hearts Fashion NYFW

At the age of 9, RC Caylan grew up surrounded with pattern papers, scissors, markers and a sewing machine, being a charming grandson of a schoolteacher-uniform seamstress. Inspired by the noble career of his grandmother and mother, he grew up with the ambition of becoming a wardrobe designer one day. And to help finance his dream of becoming a full-fledged fashion designer, he once grabbed the opportunity to work as a cosmetologist. It eventually paid off, making him one of the most respected professionals in that field. After a couple of years of hard work and full dedication, RC finally achieved what he’s been dreaming of all his life – to finish a fashion designing degree at the GRCC School of Fashion And Interior Design.

Inspired by the female physique and glamour, RC Caylan’s works put more emphasis on women’s fashion. Being very sensitive to his female clientele’s wardrobe desires and needs, producing a masterpiece on each project is RC Caylan’s constant objective.

RC Caylan’s wide array of creations ranges from fashionable red-carpet gowns, bridal gowns, bridal entourage wears and even men’s suits. Despite the fact that RC Caylan’s expertise is more inclined to women’s fashion, his exquisite eye for the fashionable even extends to well-tailored men’s suit crafted with luxury fabrics that are still reasonable.

For RC Caylan, contemporary fashion trends play a very important role on his creations but he does not stop from there. He makes sure that he puts his own unique “magic touch” on every project that converts to classy, sophisticated and elegant creations that he can definitely call his own. For RC, “execution is far better than the design itself” and that is his constant objective. As an emerging designer he regularly seeks out opportunities to widen his knowledge. Being dynamic is essential for his creations. For him, every day is a new day that spells new trends, new influences, new fashionable colors and new styles.

RC Caylan is your meticulous kind of designer. He strives to bring out his masterpiece on every project – he tackles the most intricate, down to the finest detail. His works radiate competitiveness and he is always pursuing world-class quality. This is RC Caylan’s fashion design goal… and however bold or illustrious it may be, with hard work, passion and extreme dedication, he is very positive that his keen eye for aesthetics and functionality headlined with simplicity while exuding modern elegance, will make a big difference to the fashion world one day.

📷 JJ Constantine