Q-Vents presents: EVOL Intent and Heavygrinder

This past weekend brought a lot of major talent to the Denver EDM scene including all those that happened to be at Cervantes Other Side celebrating a most epic birthday for the owner of Q-Vents; Jacob Browning. 

Opening the show with local Denver DJ’s Ms. TOXIIC & Miss Jaedha, both of whom had excitingly different sounds and paved the perfect path for the mainstays to perform. The stage for the evening had been custom created in the shape of double hearts which reflected the amazing light show provided by the crew there that night. But on top of it all there was something present that set this show above most others happening around the town this night…. Lasers!!! 

Surreal Laser company provided the event with the ultimate in the party night life. We all thank them tremendously for this, a laser light show can really set the whole stage for the music to sink in, especially next to a great screen setup. 

Heavygrinder is like nothing I have ever witnessed within the EDM music scene. A duo composed by Bobbie Merveille (DJ Heavygrinder) and husband Jay Jay Katfyr (DJ Katfyr). Changing up the way traditional dubstep/drum & bass sounds can be and while driving from her own personal love of more hardcore sounds, DJ Heavygrinder incorperates heavy metal samples into some of their more bassy tracks creating an interesting breakdown against the electronic background, a pairing one wouldn’t typically imagine you could string together, but when put on the same beat path it creates the ultimate dance track! You can also find Bobbie producing under her techno name Marie Vaunt and Katfyr produces some banging electro house. 

EVOL Intent is a hardstep drum and bass group formed in 2000. The group is composed of The Enemy, Knick, and Gigantor. One of the two acts that flew in for tonight’s event,  EVOL Intent crushed the stage and impacted the dancefloor with their heavy hitting beats. The trio also performs individually as well. Ashley Jones (The Enemy) performs under the alias Treasure Fingers, Miichal Diasio (Gigantor) produces electro House under the alias Computer Club and Nick Weiller (Knick) produces under the name Bro Safari. 

Special thanks to everyone at Cervantes for hosting this event and to everyone that was involved from the artists to the lasers of course lol … Hope you all had a safe and fun weekend! Stay tuned for more from Xposer Magazine.. Where you go to be scene!


📷 Stetsen Colt