Metal 4 Mutts

When the average person thinks of Heavy Metal Music and the people associated with it, they probably think trouble makers, hoodlums or societal cast offs… They wouldn’t even begin to think puppies and dog rescues.  The 2nd Annual Metal 4 Mutts, held at Black Sky Brewery on Sante Fe, threw that concept straight on to the scrap heap.  The brain child of Founder of “My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue” Nikki Gwin mixes education and awareness with pizza and metal. Individuals could sign up for silent auctions. The Brewery had beer specials that had a portion of each sale going to the rescue. The Edgewater Dogs of the British Isles chairpersons arrived by surprise and donated a large container of food that they raised a few months ago to support the MFDM Rescue.  People got to meet adorable adoptable doggies, drink beer, eat pizza and listen to kick ass local metal.  What more could a person want on a glorious weekend in October?