Garbage descended upon downtown Denver

The band Garbage descended upon downtown Denver, Tuesday night and the fans were lined up for several blocks. Tuesday night’s performance was sold out and if you’re lucky enough to be one of the 1400 to get a ticket, then you were in store for a hell of a show. Pleasure Venom opened the night with a subtle intro before launching into the song Hive. Lead singer Audrey Campbell attacked the stage with a raw energy and grit that left the crowd speechless. That energy only increased as the performance progressed. By the end of 11 songs the viewers were left in a state of awe.

When it was Garbage’s turn, they hit the stage running and the crowd erupted with screams of pure joy. To every fan’s delight, the song Control was the band’s first song out of the gate. Shirley Manson commanded the stage and captivated her audience. Her stage presence was electrifying as she worked all corners of the stage. As she moved the crowd moved as if she was the puppeteer. Duke Erikson’s skilled craftsmanship on the guitar clearly shined with every rift. #1 Crush was next in line and didn’t disappoint. As the song began, fans were quickly reminded of how beautiful Shirley Manson’s vocals are. # 1 Crush was sexy, erotic and passionate for the four and a half minutes while leaving the audience vastly craving more. Nostalgia had settled in and fans were in store for 20 more songs from Garbage’s vast collection of hits. The night ended with the song When I Grow Up. Clearly time has stood still as Garbage is just as sharp and energetic as they were in the 90’s. Leaving this performance one hopes that Garbage returns to their town soon and that my voice returns in the next few days.

See ya at the next show,

Xposer Magazine

📷 Curt Thompson