Fashion Mogul and Philanthropist Resk Que to Launch ‘Vision 2020′


Fashion Mogul and Philanthropist Resk Que to Launch ‘Vision 2020′ Campaign to Raise Awareness on Eye Health and Clean Water Sanitation in Conjunction his ‘2020′ Themed Birthday Celebration.

A grand masquerade benefit ball is scheduled in New York City to celebrate the uprising business and fashion guru Resk ‘Que’s birthday and to launch vision 2020 campaign to raise $20M as part of the Rescue Project by the year 2020.

Each year, business mogul and fashion guru Resk ‘Que celebrates his birthday in connection with a benefit for a charitable cause. Following in his tradition, Resk ‘Que is celebrating yet another milestone with a cause very close to his heart by launching the 2020 Vision campaign, as part of The Rescue Project, a subsidiary of HAVEN HANDS Inc., (a humanitarian organization, providing resources and assistance during times of need such as after natural disasters and tragedies to help people affected, especially to children in third world countries and beyond). The campaign aims to raise awareness for those affected with a mission to raise $20M by the year 2020. The event is a grand masquerade ball taking place on November 20th, 2017 at 6pm. The formal gala and masquerade ball will see the likes of celebrities, philanthropists, dignitaries of the United Nations, fashion insiders, selected media outlets, international entrepreneurs, business owners, physicians and many more coming together to raise funds and awareness for the 2020 Vision Project.

The 2020 Vision Project is set to raise $20M by the year 2020, with all proceeds going to aid over 200 million individuals in need all over the world. The main goals of the 2020 Vision Project are to provide clean water and sanitation in developing areas, while also ensuring healthy eyesight and basic eye care becoming the standard all across the world as well as training and supplying medical personnel and supplies. The campaign joins the fight for clean water by creating awareness while building and installing wells, filtration systems, irrigation systems, latrines in the selected areas that needs it most across the globe. The 2020 Vision Project is going to revolutionize something the rest of the world takes for granted; clean water, proper sanitation and basic eye care, all things that most developing countries are desperately in need of.​

Resk ‘Que is the creative and executive director of iConcept Media Group, a multi media and full-service communications company headquartered in New York with remote offices in Milan and Paris. He serves as one of the pioneers and the Chairman of The Rescue Project organization, a fact he takes great pride in. “For myself, to love is to act and give the very little that you may have. The 2020 Vision Project is the culmination of many years of planning and research, and I am thrilled to be an ongoing part of its operation,” said Resk ‘Que. “This campaign’s launch falls on my birthday, but the top story of the day is getting the word out about The Rescue Project and the 2020 Vision Project. This is exactly what the world needs, and now is the time to act.”

In Africa alone, one out of every five deaths for children under five is due to complications from unclean water, including diseases like cholera. The unsafe water can also lead to the infectious eye disease trachoma. This unsafe water is also used to irrigate crops, leading to poor harvests and the transmission of parasites. These issues are compounded by eyesight problems, which many times are caused by unclean water. Without proper care, these easily treatable conditions become nightmares for those affected, taking away their very ability to function. Through the 2020 Vision Project, these issues will be combated and lead to improved education, vastly improved health conditions and ideal food security.

A child of Africa, Resk ‘Que holds a philanthropic heart and has first-hand experiences with the scarcity of water and the terrible damage that improper vision health can cause, making this plight very close to his heart. After coming to America in his teen years, Resk ‘Que has taken the fashion and business worlds by storm, while also staying true to his roots and never forgetting about the well-being of those in Africa and the rest of the world in need. Resk ‘Que has built a reputation by producing notable New York Fashion Week showcases, while also creating a marketing and PR empire.

The Rescue Project is a non-profit organization aimed at providing clean water and sanitation for those in need. With a genuine passion for protecting the health and well-being of those deprived of necessities throughout the world, The Rescue Project uses its pillars of altruism and dedication to increase the supply of safe water and ensure healthy eyesight by the year 2020. The Rescue Project believes that increasing access to such a simple element of life, water, can change the lives of millions. The organization, backed by and named after Redeemer Resk ‘Que, is targeted towards Sub-Saharan African countries, but upholds an objective to advocate for healthy drinking water in Asia, East Europe, Latin America, and everywhere else that clean drinking water is scarce.

HAVEN HANDS is the umbrella organization of THE RESCUE PROJECT, a humanitarian organization, 501(c)3 pending, that provides resources and assistance during the times of need during times of natural disaster and tragedies to people affected, especially to children. HAVEN HANDS‘ priorities are on children who are disabled, sick and left orphaned around the world. HAVEN HANDS prioritizes child welfare services above all things. Providing quality foster care, education and adoption services domestically and internationally.

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