Dirtybird BBQ Denver

Dirtybird is known for their players and now for their infamous multi city tour which includes, you guessed it… BBQ!!! How could you go wrong with a day long mini music fest while including some tasty grub.

Today, we are in Denver. Hitting 5 cities total, Denver makes 4th on the list with only one more to go. Each stop has its own unique lineup and nothing is different about this one. I’d like to say our stop is a special one however being that we happened to win for the fan choice… meaning all you Dirtybird fans reading this article now are the reason why Denver got the city vote #forthewin!

I am personally so excited for this day. Taking place at the Fillmore outdoors where they literally rope off a section of the block for this block party bbq. You get to dance the day away into the evening without a care in the world but just don’t forget your sunscreen! Doors open at noon and go till the nighttime so guarantee you will catch some vitamin D. Come well prepared and bring money for food, you might just get lucky enough to try some of the BBQ dished out by the grill master himself Mr. Claude VonStroke.

Officially sold out, the Dirtybird lineup for Denver includes VNSSA, ZDS, J.Philp, Christian Martin, Claude VonStroke and Walker & Royce. Most of us are hoping Barclay Crenshaw might make an appearance at an afterparty somewhere ….. So keep your fingers crossed for us there.

A new side stage has been added called the Sizzle Stage which will host the best in show competitions, chef demos and games for everyone to participate in. Categories include: Best Fan Creation, Best Costume, Best Dance Moves and overall Best in Show. The grand prize is two tickets to the upcoming Dirtybird Campout happening this Oct 6-8th in Modesto, Ca.

So … on with the show!!

The non stop beats left me dancing for 10 hours straight. The dress code lingered from your usual summertime gear of shorts and tanks all the way to full festival gear with big boots and sparkly hats. I stayed in the shade as much as possible but the bass thumping sounds pulled me out towards center stage time and time again!

I am hoping Denver gets picked for next year’s BBQ! Till next time, stay tuned to Xposer Magazine, where you go to be scene!