303 DFW Fall ‘16

Charlie Price continues to build on his legacy through and through.

As temperatures cooled outside and the evening fell into night, the bustle inside City Hall invited a fashionable audience to “fall” into the season with multiple collections being showcased at 303 Magazine’s Denver Fashion Weekend. Fashion Forward and Xposer Photography were among the crowd to highlight the most outstanding elements of the weekend.  

The audience cascaded into the multi levels of City Hall with great anticipation.  The crowds couldn’t have possibly been mentally prepared for what they were about to experience. The three days of shows clearly celebrated how the art of fashion can not only be seen in a physical sense, but can also be “felt” through the inspiration of fashion designers and hair artists alike.

With the fall season passing and winter quickly on the horizon, the crowd was dressed to the “nines” in their trendy sweaters, fashionable jackets, fabulous scarves and other layered ensembles. Such combinations consisted of lush fur coats, shiny leather jackets and dazzling winter jumpsuits.  303’s DFW appeals to a diverse audience from all walks of life and spans across several generations.

It was kind of like a high end fashion show you might see in New York

Day One

Local & National Fashion Show Featuring

Femme Fatale Intimates | Mona Lucero | Gino Velardi | Steve Sells | Maggie Burns | Anthony H | Tyne Hall | Rachel Marie Hurst | Night by Charlie Price

Opening night of 303’s DFW was an exceptional display of primarily local talent. The show kicked off with Femme Fatale Intimates featuring sensual lingerie pieces leaving little to the imagination.  Classy sprinkled with just enough sexy-chic set the mood with mostly black fabrics, high bikini cuts and just enough red to captivate the audience. 

Mona Lucero showed a very forward collection with a kind of Missoni feel. The bright and furry over coats commanded attention and quickly became the whisper in the hall. There was much to long for between the collections of Steve Sells, Tyne Hall, Maggie Burns and Rachel Marie Hurst who all showed ready to wear types of collections. 

Steve Sells has a clear vision and customer in mind based on what they showed tonite, shared an onlooker. Bravo!

Pushing the envelope with their designs and concepts was Anthony of Nicholas Anthony Clothing and Gino Velardi.  “The inspiration of my collection is post apocalyptic mermaids,” shared Anthony. As expected, Anthony featured an artistic and out of this world display of beautiful, bold and broad shoulders paired with primarily mermaid bottoms. 

One of Denver’s most popular and premier designers, Gino Velardi, came out with a 1970’s feel. Using solid gold as the common thread (no pun intended) Gino featured two signature gowns and a number of fun gold “tie die” type prints.  Dee Dee Vicory of D’Lola Couture and long time friend of Gino’s was there and offered live footage of the collection on social media. “We are taking that gold dress to Vegas Gino,” she commentated . 

Closing out the night was a contemporary display of fashion from legendary hair artist Charlie Price. The collection was dubbed “Night” and displayed dark hues of mostly black, midnight blue and greys. The audience began to calm as the soothing music and seemingly slow motions of the runway models gracefully captivated City Hall.  We can only look forward to more collections from Charlie Price as he possibly transitions into fashion as a form of artistic expression.

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Day Two

Local & National Fashion Show Featuring

Velvet Wolf | Julia Rhoden | Margaret Sanzo | Scout & Molly | Fabrik | Kotomi Yoshida | Frances Roces | Georgine NYC | John Paul Ataker NYC

Before the show began the crowd squeezed together and got nice and cozy along the runway seats, standing room and balcony seats. Designer, Margaret Sanzo, began Saturday night with a collection that spoke “less is more” and displayed pieces of neutral colors like black with pops of “cool” colors such as blue. Fab’rik spiced up the show with velvet knee high and thigh high boots. Colors ranged from bright dark red to deep royal purple. Leslie from Fab’rik commented on her favorite thing about showing at 303’s DFW, “the best part of sharing our collection is that our team consists of a tight knit group of women and part of the proceeds go back to an organization called ‘Project 82’ in Kenya.” 

As the show progressed, the audience cheered from the edge of their seats with excitement of what was in store next. To describe his fascination with fashion, Carlos, who has attended 303’s DFW the past two years, expressed his excitement for all of the innovation that the designs embodied. The crowd must have concurred with Carlos’ sentiment as they vivaciously  applauded the fashion that was showcased in Denver.

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Day Three

The Hair Show- Celebrating 10 Year Anniversary in loving memory of Steven Trujillo of El Salon.

Charlie Price | Goldie & Bob | Artemis & Birch | KTB Hair & Funk Styling | Ansley Meredith | Marlene Romero | Javier James | Chad & Co | Blow Dry Lounge | Stephan Lauren | The Look | Beauty Underground | James Mucker | Halo | Bri Bird | Rita B | The Parlour | Mode | Swan | Antoine Du Chez | Beto’s

Words cannot even begin to capture the essence of what the hair show brought to the runway on Day Three.   Start to finish the display of work consistently kept attendees on the edge of their seats to both capture what was in front of them and in anticipation of what was next.  From dark lords to native spirits the show was a fabulous and complete package.  Models became moving works of art as they actively displayed the creativity that flowed from hand to head and head to toe.  There was absolutely no stone left unturned.  It was a whimsical spectacle that had the crowd in complete and udder awe.  

Charlie Price continues to build on his legacy through and through. The collective caliber of hair artistry displayed on night three was mind blowing. A true celebration of ten years in the making! 

If you were unable to check out 303’s DFW this go around you undoubtedly missed out.  A picture is worth a thousand words. Luckily, the entire show was vividly and successfully captured through the experienced lens of professional photographer Teddy G. 

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Written By: Jessica Montour, Owner Fashion Forward & Audrey Frye, Contributing Writer Fashion Forward

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Jessica’s Fab FIVE:

#1 Snow Angel by Margaret Sanzo









#2 Dark Night by Charlie Price









#3 Crimson Jumpsuit by Scout & Molly









#4 Sister Gina by Gino Velardi









#5 On Point Trench by Georgine NYC









Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography

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