Empowerment, bold and diversity are just a few words to describe the show. Before the event, the crowd anxiously wandered around miraculous chandeliers. As the purple glow glistened off the diamond chandeliers, guests fixed their hair in preparation for the show. Before the show, guest Brennan Smith, 23, said “Especially being African American and mixed, I can do a lot of different things with my hair. So, I’m excited to see what they have done.”

Seats quickly filled. Although the show started with professional attire, the hair styles spoke otherwise from edgy cuts to voluminous hair. STARLING began with the pounded steps of empowered women. They strode on the runway with determination as they embraced not only their bodies, but the texture, structure and flow of their hair.

Model of ten years, Hosnah Safi said “I love that they definitely focused on women of color. They kind of brought out our inner warrior goddess. Before we walked out, the models said who they were walking on stage for.” The show represented diversity, women’s rights and unity.

Every step we took on that runway was representing a group of people,


“A group of suffrage and that brought us together as a whole, no matter what background we are from.”

Guests, designers and models feel the trend that people are gravitating toward is deconstruction. Loose waves and soft color. Little did the guests know they were in for a surprise. THE LOOK surprised the audience and took them on an astrological adventure. The crowd gazed at the big horns, aqua floor length hair, a pointy spiked tail and a balanced scale. With the astrology hair so apparent, people who were unable to see the marked zodiac signs on the foreheads of the models, would have been able to recognize the signs.

Stylist from THE LOOK, Rose Kalasz, 27, described how the theme was picked. She said the show to be as worldly and something that would stand out from things that were grounded and normal.

“We put the signs on their foreheads and made stencils,” Kalasz said. “We had Libra, Aries, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius.”

BETO’s “wrapped up” the show with elegant flowers and white attire. Women gracefully walked onto the runway with the true essence of spring. With flowers, lace and pearls, the collection displayed pureness, femininity and a glow. The bright yellow petals brought joy and appreciation for the art. BETOs concluded the event with a master headpiece that was at least five feet tall on top of the model’s head. The audience stood up for the feathery piece that circled around the model’s head with diamonds, jewels, tulle, lace and satin.

“There were some really good parts,” said Nathaniel McGe. “There were some parts where I was like yes! That’s what I needed. My favorite was the one with the zodiac. I loved that!” McGe said he felt good about himself with the whole event, the crowd and to see what others were wearing.

Written by Fashion Forward Correspondent Audrey Pina

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