Demon Night Masquerade Ball


Where were you this past Friday Night?

If you weren’t at the Demon Night Masquerade Ball, then you were missing out on one of the best Halloween celebrations Denver has to offer.

The doors opened early for the sold-out VIP crowd who filtered in to check out the meet and greet with stars such as Brian Bonsall (formerly of Family Ties),


Alex Vincent (best known as child star in Child’s Play films),


John Kassir


Ari Lehman (the original Jason Voorhees).


Host of this evening’s events, John Kassir delighted the audience while introducing bands with his infamous Crypt Keeper voice that we have come to know of him so well.


First up for the night was the tribute band ROCKISSITY. Known here in the Denver music scene for producing a show like no other. Evoking so much of the original band’s energy and stage presence, they have a religious fan base that follows them to every show they perform. Three little girls and their father were some of their more notable fans of this eve. The girls love the group so much that their father drives them to each show, all the way from Colorado Springs ! Cranking out hit after hit, the audience floods the dance floor to move along with their favorite tunes. Everything from the face paint to the boots embodies the traditions of KISS allowing the crowd to feel as if they were experiencing the real thing. We like to say they are doing just that! Mark Zaim (lead guitar) also owns Zaim Audio, which makes guitar pedals and tube amps. You can check them out online at and support your local music scene!


Playing after was another rising star, The HOLLOW. Over the past year, they have sent waves through Denver, often playing with other mega talented acts. Opening up their show with manager Angela playing the harp, the boys crooned out an acapella version of “Pure Imagination” that sent the crowd wild. Cranking up the amps to 11, they began to rock the show. The crowd explodes feeling the energy from the stage and the boys play on. After a few heavy hitting songs, front man Spencer’s sister Samantha joins the group on stage to serenade the audience with her rendition of “I Put a Spell on You”. The moment the first verses left her mouth, my flesh creeped with goose bumps. The sheer power of her voice, the smoothness and such soul, makes you wonder why she doesn’t do this more often. As one of Spencer’s biggest influences, she states that she is perfectly happy singing for herself or her family and has no drive to showcase that talent on stage.  Some of the group’s biggest musical influences would be Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Who, Supertramp and Metallica Ethan and Jonathan will say and you can hear all of these dynamics when listening to them play on stage. Always giving back if they can, the group also lends their time to raise awareness to those struggling with mental health issues. Their music is currently available for download on many different platforms so you can have the chance to check it out for yourself or follow this link below

Closing out the night was Ari Lehman’s band First Jason. The Crypt Keeper announces the group and they come onto the set. Working the stage with such charisma, the sound easily takes over the crowd and they are soon moving along with the music. An interesting dynamic of powerhouse chords and front man Ari’s keytar capabilities, I couldn’t have chosen a better one to close out the night with.  Check out his music here

If you are looking to get into some other rad music, you can check out Brian Bonsall’s amazing talent in the following local Denver bands listed below

Special thanks to Theron of Whilin’ Out Entertainment for inviting us out to the show, We can’t wait to see what next year has in store!!

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By Bella Rage

Photos by Teddy G