Dada Life put on a spectacular show at Red Rocks Amphitheater

From massive champagne bottles to a raging banana fest, Dada Life put on a spectacular show this past Friday night when they performed at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Opening acts including Kill Paris, Pegboard Nerds, Whiskas and more, playing a variety of genres that left the 5,000+ crowd wanting more.  Opening the night was Whiskas at an early start of 5pm. Smashing the set then exiting the stage, Whiskas donated 100% of his merch booth proceeds to the Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. I always love to see artists giving back to the community in any way they can. Setting the mood for the night, I was incredibly excited to see what lied ahead.

Photo by Bobby Elmore

Photo by Bobby Elmore

Photo by Bobby Elmore

In a crowd, full of bananas and dinosaurs, I was one of the few not in costume.  Though it was absolutely mind- blowing to see how much of a dedicated fan base Dada Life had! It’s not every day you go to a show and see the fans dressed up in costumes, it was pretty cool to see how connected the crowd was. Absolutely amazing watching the actual concept of the show unfold. I had no idea what to expect as the crew began to set the stage for Dada Life. Coming from someone who is fairly new to group and their theme, I anticipated seeing an awesome performance and let me tell you, I was not disappointed!  The team brought out REAL bananas and placed them all over the stage, next bringing out about 20 to 30 bananas and champagne floaties around 5ft in length to throw out on the crowd. The lights started to dim and then it began…. a group of barbarians with their drums and barbaric costumes, Dada Life then made their entrance saying “It’s time to unleash the f*cking nana” and that’s when it got intense. With a variety of genres and a mix of songs from trap to deep house, including songs such as Aftermath by NEW_ID & Jesse Kiis and Some People by Shapov Vs. Beverly Pills, it did remind me a lot of an Above and Beyond set but just think of less trance and more electro/deep house. By the end of the night, I think they really left the crowd feeling like a ‘f*cking nana.’

Of course, the crowd definitely made this show fill with strong energy, but you definitely have to give credit to the production and sound team. To see the amount of lighting and production that was put into the show, was both amazing to watch and absolutely mind blowing. Laser beams, high intense mist blowing machines, high projected lighting reflecting on red rocks, and of course the back screen that provided lyrics to every single song.

I would say overall that this show blew me away because of the amount of positive energy that was brought into the arena, along with all of the amazing fans that dressed up. Being one of the more solid performances at Red Rocks, not only I was impressed but the fans were beyond happy. I would recommend checking out any of these performers if they ever come to a town near you!

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Contributing writer: Felicia Santilla

Photos by: Felicia Santilla

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