All C’s Artist Appreciation Day!

Many nerds, geeks, and gamers congregated All C’s Collectibles at 1250 S Abilene St, Aurora, Colorado 80012 to support and visit with local the comic artist community during All C’s Artist Appreciation Day!

They had a bunch of great artists set up at All C’s Gaming Arena doing sketches, selling prints, and taking commissions. They were also offering some awesome sales and deals throughout the day. Finally, Aurora Rise was set up taking donations and selling blank sketch covers to benefit the victims of the Aurora Theater Shootings.

The extremely talented artists at the show included:
Matt Campbell – Matt Campbell Art who will be debuting #Mythica!
Ron Root – Ron Root Art
Jason Meents – Meents Illustrated
Jeffery Peterson – Cali Chronic Comix
Joe Becker
Mark May – Silent Mayhem Productions
Phil Spaulding
8 year old sensation Bruce Wayne (Yes, that really is his name and he really is 8 years old)
Alex Miller
Saro Hang and Xing Xin.

The artist had a great time talking to the fans and comparing techniques with the other artists. The family owned business of 30 years opened its doors with welcoming arms to everyone that day but, the sales and deal were only their way of saying thanks for coming in! But, at the end of the day, this was all about the incredible artists.

By John Root