Cirque du Soleil-Crystal Premiere

Cirque du Soleil-Crystal is like no other Cirque show you have ever seen before. For the first time Cirque du Soleil produces a one of a kind performance on ice.  I admit, heading in on opening night, I was wondering in my head just exactly what this experience was going to be like… how would the story line play out? Would it be just ice-skating along to music or something much more? I was not disappointed once the show began.

The opening scene is of Crystal, trapped within her imagination after falling through the ice. Lost in a whirlwind of her thoughts, lines running all around from where her pen meets her notepad. She looks out from her window and from that window; she is pulled into the warped, exaggerated version of her life. Crystal is carried away and upon seeing her reflection in the water, she is determined to take her life back.

I could only describe it as simply breathtaking. It was beautiful to watch the aerial acrobatics above the ice and I am a sucker for trapeze. Coupled with the music, it was absolutely amazing!

I was shocked to see the acrobats actually running on the ice, wearing specially made shoes by the costume designers to allow the capability of performing high action moves with no slippage. Impressive to say the least. Aside from the trapeze, Cirque unleashed a swinging poles act, which combines synchronous pole work, pole-to-pole jumps, and Russian-swing-style dismounts. The high energy of the music made for the perfect background the whole night. Cirque has a way of enhancing the performances with strategically scripted out compositions.  I have often cried at shows with how much the music spoke to me while watching the scenes carried out. The acrobatic talent portrayed with a story-line is like well-written poetry or art in motion. The ice provided the perfect fluidity for that.

Cirque du Soleil-Crystal is one I would definitely recommend anyone to see. I did not even go into the details of the costumes but of course, if you have ever been able to check out a Cirque performance, then you know just how beautiful those costumes can be! If you have a chance to make it out to Colorado Springs this weekend, make sure to grab yourself a ticket to this amazing show. I can promise you will not be disappointed!

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Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography