Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater

Colorado is rich in Celtic culture and is celebrated at festivals all around the state. The Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater celebrates some of the best in Celtic music, dancing, history and art.  This year celebrated the 7th year of this event.  As it has grown, it still has its intimate feeling. This is the final event of the summer – it is a bittersweet mix of joy and sadness as the seasons’ last calling of the clans, when the herald of the clan steps out one more time and tells the world in a booming voice who their clan is, where they are from, and why they are the best.

Each clan is set up so it is easy to wander from learning experience, to story with an easy stride.  Don’t let all of the costumes and fanfare fool you, every member in each tent is intent on one thing; to educate the next generation so that the history is not lost.  Music wafts through the air as talented musicians play from their hearts, old classic Celtic tunes all the way to twists on modern classics.  If this was not enough to bring joy and mirth to heart, a deep breath brought the smells of amazing food and drink.  This coupled with vendors selling wonderful and incredible items, some hand crafted, some simply unique. 

The Dogs of the British Isles wagged and slobbered their way into a new group of people’s hearts, all the while educating and raising money for the less fortunate pets of their breed.  This year brought a pet food drive to the event which was a hands down success. It brought back the doggie games, racing, talent, costumes and obedience that were the challenges that brought smiles and laughter to all spectators.

This is all brought to the public by the hardworking volunteers and staff that brings this all together to create a step back in time when communities would come together at the end of the harvest to celebrate the bounty of the fields and the joys of the seasons change. The feeling of family and belonging is celebrated at The Celtic Harvest Festival in Edgewater.