Blood bath at Summit Music Hall The Blood of Gods Tour


The shock rock group GWAR infiltrated the Summit Music Hall last night to a sold out crowd. This group, who hails from Richmond, Va, has a magnetic pull when they come to town, splashing whatever “body fluid” on the attendees throughout the show. Tonight the fluid of choice was blood.  Known for their crazy appearance along with their insane stage presence, these guys are true performers that bring a wicked show wherever they go!

Opening up the night was U.S. Bastards playing music that’s faster, harder and darker than before. Putting on an excellent show, I feel it was a great setup for the evening. Invigorating riffs and insane sound, the whole crowd was on their feet moving from the beginning to end.

He is Legend lives up to their name fully. With the bands riveting sound, comes many fans. All of which love hearing their music live. One of the few bands that sound the same if not better on stage as they do on their recorded music, this group has been around for a much shorter time than one would expect given their immense talent. Commanding the stage, their performance is one to remember between the crunch of the guitar and the brutal vocals; I would say you should totally check these guys out if you get the chance. To find out where they will be next (of course currently on tour with GWAR) you can check out their complete tour schedule by CLICKING HERE

Up next was Ghoul whose stage performance was very similar to the one we would be seeing from GWAR later on in the eve. A thrash metal band out of California, Ghoul released their debut album in 2002 and have been going strong since. Going by the names Cremator, Digestor, Dissector and Fermentor, this group brings the shock rock aspect fully. A great warmup for what is to come. During the third song, the Cremator spews blood onto the crowd via his mechanical penis, covering the first few rows with the sticky blood.

Closing out the night was GWAR.  Following the death of frontman and lead singer David Brockie, many thought this might be the end of the heavy metal icons. For a while he was replaced by the first ever female member of the band Kim Dylla, however that brief affair was quickly squashed when she was fired from the band soon after. Michael Bishop who goes by the name ‘Blothar’ in the group now fronts the band. Each of them holding a specific name according to the GWAR mythos. You can read up more about the mythos on the GWAR website by CLICKING HERE

From the moment, they walked onto stage, the cheering and excitement never stopped. The intensity of the crowd along with the stimulating images from the stage was enough to compel you into the music, making you feel one with all those around you. Although being sprayed with blood was hardly what I thought, it would be. I actually thought it was a fun way to get everyone involved with the show. After all, many people go for this very reason alone!

Many will say that GWAR has one of the best stage performances out there due to their clever distinctively grotesque costumes, which are made up of foam latex, styrofoam, and hardened rubber. The costumes cover very little of the band members’ bodies; the bare parts are accentuated with makeup. The creations are made by what the band calls a ‘Slave Pit’ which boasts a team of team of artists, costume designers, stage techs, and everyone else that brings this art to life. Overall, I would say that this show is one to see, whether you are a fan or not, it is hard to find a performance like this anywhere you go. You can check out where they will be next so you don’t miss out on any of the fun involved by CLICKING HERE

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Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography