Beastival 3: St. Valentine’s Eve Wicked Masquerade Costume Ball

Beastival 3: St. Valentine’s Eve Wicked Masquerade Costume Ball (of doom)

Son of a Beast! The third hootenerdy to end all hootenerdys Beastival 3 was held Saturday Feb 13th at the Mile High Comics Mega store from 6pm to 11pm featuring performances by NDAAZ, ME ME MONSTER, The Midnight Marionettes and PARAMIDA. they tons of tabling artists of all mediums and genres, cos-players, filmmakers, sculptors, pod-casters, comedians and new for B3 native dancers and drummers did perform as well. As always there was excellent food available for purchase and craft everything for yumminess.

In addition B3 was a costume ball their boss was cupid (scary!) and in addition to that there was a Harley Quinn and Joker costume contest with the winner judged by the other side of the masquerade. IE show up cos-playing as the Joker you got to be a judge for the Harley Quinn costume contest and vice versa. Couldn’t be more Wicked!

As with all Beastivals it was a charity event with all proceeds going to the cause and for B3 they had chosen a woman with advanced cancer who was recently robbed by her roommates of everything and is in desperate need of a device to deal with her physical pain as well. So everyone got their nerd on and helped her out.

As if that wasn’t enough B3 was also the Bloodshed Deathbath’s The Night Mutilator’s birthday party! All in all many people young and old alike and entire families showed up and enjoyed the Super Nerd environment, the music, food and Cos play. All of the artists and performers were very friendly and interactive willing to talk about their art or creations this was a hidden gem of fun creativity all for a very good cause.
Story & Photos by John Root