ZZ WARD at The Gothic

This past Saturday night, ZZ Ward made her third appearance in Colorado in the span of three days, in a sold-out Gothic Theater in Englewood, Colorado. 


ZZ started her evening of Blues Rock with the song, ‘Sex and Stardust’, a new single that was released in December of 2019, and her fans moved with her music. When she started the song, ’Put the Gun Down’, by far her most popular video on YouTube with over 8 million views, the crowd cheered and the movement throughout the venue continued. As she continued her evening, she would take a breather and talk with fans, telling them how much she loved coming to Colorado, “You always show up”! 


Her newest song, ‘Break Her Heart’ which was just recently released, and the aforementioned, ‘Sex and Stardust’, were songs that ZZ said, “They got me through some very personal and challenging situations in my life by allowing me to reach a place of empowerment”. 


With the three very talented musicians accompanying ZZ, they finished off this wonderful evening of music with two more of her very popular songs, ’365 Days’ and ‘Blue Eyes Blind’. Taking her bows, the crowd showed their appreciation for a night of great music. I personally had been looking forward to this night for a long time and was so grateful to have been there!


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Photos and article by Terrell Stewart

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