Soda Blue and The Whole Shebang

Soda Blue: The Whole Shebang, played the Little Bear Saloon in Evergreen, Colorado Sunday night, March 1st.  Having played there before as the duo of Alice Frisch and David Fermanich and they debuted the larger band at The Little Bear a few weeks earlier.  The Whole Shebang means bringing in Spencer Pyne on bass, Brian McClure on drums and Stacey McClure singing backup and assisting with percussion.  The duo of Soda Blue, Alice and David bring a lot of energy to their shows playing fun, upbeat songs that we all know and love.  But the addition of the other members makes their sound so much stronger and richer with the added bass, percussion, and more vocal harmonies.  It also allowed them to include a larger selection of tunes in their setlist. 
Hazel Miller, much sought after singer and as the Rocky Mountain News called her, “A force of Nature” has been interested in promoting Soda Blue for some time now.  Hazel has been a Colorado favorite for over 30 years.  She has toured the world bringing her R&B, Jazz and Pop genre to fans universally.  She presented Soda Blue to a warm reception at the “Hazel Miller Shines a Light On New Talent,” at the Dairy Arts Center in Boulder in August 2019.  With Hazel’s leadership, promotion and guidance firmly behind them, Soda Blue is playing more venues than ever before and looking to continue growing.
The Little Bear is a staple of music venues in the Colorado mountain community and has been for over 40 years.  It’s exactly the image your mind conjures up when you think of an old Western saloon.  I love the creaky wooden floor and stairs and the swinging doors as you enter the saloon side.  They usually have live music at least three nights.  There’s also an excellent menu to try out as you enjoy the fabulous live music.
This was Soda Blue: The Whole Shebang’s second appearance at the Little Bear.  They started off with a nice sized group of fans and followers Sunday night but that group grew throughout the evening to the point that huge applause came raining down after every song.  They played such a variety of songs that everyone got to hear some of their favorites.  They perform songs from Paul Simon, Ricky Lee Jones, Eric Clapton, CCR, Bonnie Raitt, Garth Brooks, Doobie Brothers, Janis, Tracy Chapman, Etta James, etc.  What started off as a mom and her kids dancing just passed the stage area soon spread as the dancing bug caught on.  Soda Blue is known for getting people moving, dancing and singing along with their energetic, irresistibly entertaining shows.  
Fans who weren’t familiar with the group were dancing and singing along as they awaited their upcoming dinner reservations.  They were asking, “What band is this?  We want to see them again!”  It’s always great when music fans find a band that gets them excited.  And it’s equally awesome for the band to add new fans.  By night’s end, there was overwhelming applause as the crowd begged for an encore.  “One more song.  One more song.” They chanted in unison.  With one loud voice drowning out the others with, “Six more songs.  Six more songs.”  Soda Blue played a few more songs, extending their show just a little bit more to please the demands of their increasingly vocal fans. 
Fun music, fun saloon, lots of dancing and singing along … what a great way to spend a snowy Sunday evening!
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Article and photos by Melissa Polk

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