Ross the Boss hits Herman’s Hideaway on their American Tour

Ross the Boss brings his, ‘Blood of the World’ tour to Denver, Colorado and tonight he slays the stage at Herman’s Hideaway.

On a cold Wednesday evening, Ross the Boss (aka Ross Friedman), brought his heavy/power metal sound to an older, but enthusiastic crowd at Herman’s Hideaway. As the band was ready to start, vocalist Mike Cotoia asked everyone to come to the front of the stage saying, “This isn’t a dinner theater!”, Immediately we all moved to the front of the stage as we were commanded and the band started their evening with, ‘Blood of the Kings’ from Manowar’s 1988 album, Kings of Metal. Many of the songs the band would play were from the days when Ross (co-founder and ex-guitarist) was with Manowar, but also from his 2018 album, By Blood Sworn and up and coming new album, Born of Fire, due out March 6th, 2020 via AFM Records. Up next Ross the Boss played ‘The Oath’ from the 2018 album, By Blood Sworn, and from there they continued to move through classic Manowar songs to the delight of the crowd. They teased the crowd with, ‘Denied by the Cross’ from their upcoming new album. This will be an album to check out. What I was really enjoying, as everyone else there was too, was listening to, old school, heart-pounding metal. Ross would step to the front of the stage, his fingers working their magic for everyone to see, as he has been doing for many years. Bassist Kevin Bolembach brought the sound of his hard and heavy bass as drummer Lance Barnewold powered his way through the night. Vocalist Mike Cotoia took his voice from lows to highs with what seemed to be little effort, hitting high pitched screams without a crack. The band continued moving back and forth with classics from the Manowar years. They finished their hard-hitting set with, ‘Hail and Kill’ from the 1988 album, Kings of Metal. As I mentioned earlier, this was a night of hard pounding metal, which was great heard live. the weather wasn’t the best but, I know all of us their were very happy we made the show. Check the tour schedule to see if Ross the Boss is coming your way and see them live!

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Photos and article by: Terrell Stewart

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