Queensryche and John 5

Queensryche and John 5 light up the Ogden Theater in Denver, Colorado

This past cold and snowy Friday night, I, along with hundreds of fans journeyed to the Ogden Theater for a great night of music provided by, John 5 and Queeensryche. 

The stage was set for John 5 with a blow-up ghost, a blow-up ticket booth with a skeleton looking out inviting you, This way for Thrills & Chills. There were video screens showing various creepy characters among other things. A tape of a ‘Robot Invasion Warning’ started as the lights came down. With a roar from the crowd, drummer Roger Carter took his place behind his kit, followed by bassist Ian Ross. 

Moments later John 5 joined them and broke into their song, ‘Crank It – Living With Ghosts’, from their latest album, Invasion. The magic that John 5 creates with a guitar is just amazing. Glancing at the faces in the crowd with their eyes wide open and jaws dropped, they too are in amazement of his skills. I have had the pleasure, like so many this night, of having seen John 5 many times, and it is an experience for everyone to see.

As the band moved through their set of music, John 5 would step up on a lightbox. With the colors dancing beneath him, swinging his head from left to right, he would lean outwards and smile looking over the crowd. Finishing their evening, John 5 did a medley of songs including,  Limelight (RUSH) / Fly By Night (RUSH) / Thunder Kiss ’65 (WHITE ZOMBIE) /The Beautiful People (MARILYN MANSON) / Spoonman (SOUNDGARDEN) / Dr. Feelgood (MOTLEY CRUE)/ Unchained (VAN HALEN) / I’m Broken (PANTERA) / Walk (PANTERA)

With the band saying good night, the crowd showed their appreciation for a great experience.

After a short while, the stage was ready for Queensryche to take over and as the lights came down, the band took their places on stage and set off the night with, ‘Prophecy’ from their 1983 self-titled album, Queensryche. The wide-open stage allowed Todd LaTorre to move about, pouring out his vocals to the energetic fans. This would set the tone for the rest of their set. Stepping back in time, the band broke into, ‘Walk in the Shadows’, from their 1986 album, Rage for Order and their fans loved it. From their newest album, ‘The Verdict,’ came the song, Bent, to the delight of their fans. As with all bands, when they play a song which is a fan favorite, everyone likes to sing along and when Queensryche started, ‘Silent Lucidity’ from their 1990 album Empire, their fans joined in with Todd singing, swaying back and forth to this beautiful song with great lyrics, which is my personal favorite. 

The band took a short break and finished their evening with, ‘Light Years’ from the newest album, The Verdict, ‘Empire’ from the 1990 album Empire and the powerful, ‘Eyes of a Stranger’ from their amazing 1988 album, Operation Mindcrime. This was a great night of music and a tour that is a must-see. 

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Photos and article by: Terrell Stewart

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