Opening night of Decadence is coming up fast.

Opening night of Decadence is coming up fast, just around the corner in fact on Sunday December 30th with an insane lineup! I can’t even begin to say just how excited I am for this night.

Above & Beyond has been around for well over 15 years and this trio is still going strong. They’ve come along way too having began with a radio show which expanded into touring the country and then eventually into their own label. Their mission has always been to carve out a unique space in music and culture. In doing so, Above & Beyond has created something special, a place where people come together as one, blending in with their electronic roots.

Bassnectar is well known for his earth shattering sounds and most epic bass (of course), but this eccentric mastermind is back to blow your socks off for the warm up to New Years Eve.

Claude VonStroke is another crowd fav, well known for being the owner of DIRTYBIRD, a new-ish record label that has been taking over the dance world with their booty dropping bass sounds. Paired with interesting, fun, yet funky beats, makes for really great dance grooves that get your body moving.

Eric Prydz, a Swedish DJ well known throughout the world. Breaking into the spotlight back in 2004, Eric Prydz has won many awards throughout those years and is here for the opening night of 2019’s Decadence NYE celebration in downtown Denver, Colorado!!

An absolute most insane lineup this year which I feel almost trumps the others but isn’t that what New Year’s is about, topping last year and going out with a bang?!! Mission Accomplished here.

Check out the website for the full lineup of artists performing on each day by clicking on the link listed below:

More articles to come leading up to New Years’ Day so stay tuned for more from Xposer Magazine: Where you go, to be scene!

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