Monster Jam Triple Threat World Series Takes Over the Pepsi Center Opening Night

Opening night of the Monster Jam Triple Threat Series was much anticipated and drew a very large crowd despite the snowy blizzard-like conditions that chose to hit Denver in the day leading up to this event. All the fans made sure to show up in support of their favorite drivers and I doubt many were disappointed. 

The night started with a quick race around the track for time, each driver drove their fastest in order to hopefully snag first place. The track was smaller this time, less room for jumps and no backflip ramps in sight. The first of six competitions through the evening and although it was close, Grave Digger came out on top in the timed racing portion of the competition. 

The next event of the evening was the ATV racing in which teams of four drivers race around the track trying to edge the other out of the race. This event can be rather fun to watch, it came down to the final two; Soldier Fortune Black Ops and EarthShaker. Soldier Fortune Black Ops succeeded in taking the win which would sadly be his only victory of the night. Grave Digger held strong taking the win in 2 Wheel Skills, Donut, Speedster Obstacle Course and the main final event of Freestyle. Almost a full sweep but the crowd booed when he was granted first place in the 2 Wheel Skills competition. I know I cast my vote for EarthShaker in the 2 Wheel Skills, I felt like there must have been a lot of Grave Digger fans in the audience. 

EVENT POINTS as of Friday Evening:

  • Grave Digger 46
  • Megalodon 30
  • Soldier Fortune Black Ops 30
  • Zombie 28
  • EarthShaker 26
  • El Toro Loco 20
  • Monster Mutt 15
  • Scooby-Doo 15

Overall Standings for Triple Threat Series West:


  • Brandon Vinson – Grave Digger – 546
  • Tristan England – EarthShaker – 533
  • Tony Ochs – Soldier Fortune Black Ops – 478
  • Bari Musawwir – Zombie – 427
  • Austin Minton – Megladon – 386
  • Elvis Lainez – El Toro Loco – 313
  • Myranda Cozad – Scooby-Doo – 286
  • Tanner Root – Monster Mutt – 277


You’ve still got time to check out this show while it’s at the Pepsi Center, through the weekend until Feb 9th. One day left for Pit Passes as well so click on this link below to get your tickets now!

Monster Jam Tickets at the Pepsi Center

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