How many of you love dinosaurs?!

It’s looking like Denver will be the place to explore for 2022! An amazing new adventure has just opened and Xposer Magazine has been granted access to the incredible exhibition known as JURASSIC WORLD!



You may have seen the movie of the same title and this real-life exhibition takes you on a journey from traveling by ferry to the island and the journey into the created world beyond. The team behind the scenes went through an amazing amount of detail in regards to bringing this EPIC motion picture to life, giving the chance to walk through labs and meet baby dinosaurs!! Something you may have not known is that all the dinosaurs on the island are actually female! You’ll have to check out the exhibition for more fun details but I will say this exhibition is on point! You are going to love the story progression as well as your own involvement in it! There are even cute photo stations along the way that you can access and download after by following a QR code/website link. So many details were put into this walk-through, expect about an hour and a half of fun for the whole family, creating memories along the way!

Have you ever wondered just what goes into the buildup of creating something so amazing as the new, upcoming JURASSIC WORLD: THE EXHIBITION?!

Xposer Magazine had a chance to chat with Stephen Shaw; Founder and Co-President of Round Room Live to see what it’s like to create such an EPIC experience both you and your family can enjoy.

Stephen Shaw has an extensive background working on big-name Broadway productions, putting on the biggest shows in concert history, and has now progressed to working with these insanely amazing exhibitions.

Stephen started the company Round Room Live in Fall 2016. Taking the knowledge he has gained from all of his previous experiences, he decided he wanted to be more all-encompassing. Not wanting to just focus on Music or Performing ARTs, he wanted to involve things to incorporate another new passion of his life, his family. Building shows that could now include the ones he loved with such a lively aspect, was an obvious next step for this talented husband and father.

Seeing that a whole area of entertainment was forgotten because promoters lost sight of giving great quality to these particular performances, Stephen Shaw saw this as a perfect opportunity to create a more quality experience for families to have in these subversive environments, I would say he achieved this goal 100%.

Following a record-breaking run in Dallas, TX; they are hoping for an equally amazing turnout for their Denver, Co show.

Run dates March 4th-Sept 5th


Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Till next time stay tuned to Xposer Magazine, where you go to be scene!



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