ITOKTOCRY Released ‘Poshboy’ LP On April 5

Released ‘Poshboy’ LP On April 5
Denver Rap Artist Debuts New Single/Video- The Personal Swagger Anthem “Lil Lock Pick”

Denver rap artist ITSOKTOCRY’s music has been described as dark electronic, a rock/rap hybrid that sounds like a future Nine Inch Nails. Framed by his iconic green hair, the ITSOKTOCRY musical persona binds the bridge between music genres to create his own unique sound. A collision of emoticon-laden innocence and deeply felt torment that absolutely commands your attention. From guttural screaming, to beautiful melodies, his vocal range sets him apart from other artists, making this exciting new artist a pivotal leader in the new wave emerging from the rap genre.

ITSOKTOCRY’s new single and music video “Lil Lock Pick” is premiering today.

Check out the video at:

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“Lil Lock Pick” appears on ITSOKTOCRY’s upcoming album ‘Poshboy,’ which will be released April 5th on Cleopatra Records.

“Lil Lock Pick” serves as the follow up to his recent single “Jirachi” which has generated over 200,000 views on Youtube since debuting in late-January.

ITSOKTOCRY says, “LIL LOCK PICK is a personal swagger anthem. A result of unlocking hidden potential and self-care leads to an experimental ensemble of fast dirty synths and cartoonish vocals. Anybody who is feeling themself or the swag is really gonna vibe with the track. The concept behind the video is a mixture of aesthetics from the Disney Hercules underworld, and an ode to the Fall Out Boy classic “Sugar We’re Going Down.” Dark deep blues mixed with pastel electric pinks really pull you into the world of the video. The point was to convey a demigod like presence and otherworldly atmosphere to run parallel with the harsh futuristic instrumental.”

Originally a part of JOULE$’ underground hip hop association Dio Collective, by late 2015 ITSOKTOCRY was running with HEARTBREAKK CLUBB, a loose collection of rappers, artists and producers, including Yunggoth and the soon to be posthumous megastar Lil Peep. Peep and ITSOKTOCRY collaborated on several tracks, released primarily through Soundcloud, prior to Peep’s passing in in 2017 at the age of 21. But Peep wasn’t just a collaborator, he was also ITSOKTOCRY’s close personal friend whose loss still reverberates through both his music and lyrics.

ITSOKTOCRY has already created a major buzz among his substantial following including 150k monthly listeners on Spotify as well as 17k followers on Twitter, and now with his new record titled ‘Poshboy’ ready to be released in early-April on powerhouse indie label Cleopatra Records, ITSOKTOCRY is ready to step even further into the spotlight.





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