How to Dress For the Always-Tricky Beach Wedding

It’s wedding season, and it feels like everyone we’ve ever met is getting ready to walk down the aisle this summer. If you know someone who’s getting married at the beach, that can be one of the toughest events to dress for. Is it going to be hot or chilly from the ocean breeze? How casual is too casual, and how formal is too formal? What are you even supposed to do about shoes? (We’ll give you a hint on that one: wedges are your friend.) Well, if you need a great wedding-guest dress, we’d recommend shopping these 15 styles.

From classic slip dresses to printed midi styles and everything in between, these are the dresses we’d wear to a beach wedding. The only real rule? Don’t wear white, unless specifically asked. Even then, maybe still check first? Keep reading to shop our picks.

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