Comic Con Record Breaking Attendance Over 114,000 were you one?

Comic Con has come and gone with another breaking attendance record preliminary attendance number: 114,900


Comic Con 2016 Day 2-2

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Today, I had the opportunity to meet and have the chance to listen to one of the greats speak.

This amazing man was none other than Stan Lee from Marvel comic book fame. Upon walking

out on to the stage with his assistant, the crowd was in awe, as was I. Never has a person left

me as star struck as this man. I grew up reading his comics and much like you, even imagined

that one day I could develop super powers. Oh the imagination of a child!

With a little Q&A started with the audience, the audience was able to line up and ask personal

questions to Stan, asking him such things like why he chose to write comics and who was his

favorite character. To which he replied “Spiderman” or “Spidey” which he lovingly refers to his

friend as. He then told us the story of how Spiderman came to be. Stan was under pressure to

create a new character so one day while sitting in his office, he saw a fly on the wall and

thought, wouldn’t it be cool… well groovy rather, if a superhero could climb and stick to walls,

thinking of different names he finally thought of spiderman, adding the web shooting capabilities,

he spins the idea to the publisher about him being a high school boy that develops super

powers, a boy with real world problems. … it was immediately shut down citing that teenagers

could only be sidekicks, not main characters. With his head down he decides to put Spiderman

into a series that was coming to an end, So we meet Spidey for the first time in ‘Amazing

Fantasy’ #15 (Aug 1962)

It became the biggest selling issue ever printed … which then spawned the Spiderman series…

At 93 years old, Stan is a living legend in the comic book world, showing us that life is only

limited by the limits you put on yourself. Leading into other upcoming movies, Stan also

mentioned a new superhero coming out by the name of “The Annihilator”, though he could not

give specific details about the said character, he did let us know he would be in the same

grouping as Iron Man or Captain America. I’m sure we will all be on the edge of our seats

waiting for this new hero to make his way on the scene.

When leaving the stage he announced his signature “EXCELSIOR”, which he will define as

meaning “onward and upward to greater glory” reminding us today that you can achieve your

dreams while never giving up your inner child.


Written by Bella Rage

Photos by Teddy Gomez and John Root