Carl Cox Throws Down a Heavy Tech/House Set in Denver

Exdo Event Center and Whirling Dervish Productions hosted a warehouse experience with Carl Cox and Josh Wink this past Saturday night that I won’t soon forget! It’s been at least 9 years since Carl has been to Denver and the Sold Out show proved he had many fans in this place. Exdo Event Center provided the perfect environment for this dirty underground sound that Carl is known for. Opening up the evening was Josh Wink, a legend in his own right of this Electronic Music scene. Both of these talented artists have been packing clubs since the early 90’s yet this was my first chance to catch both of them spinning a set. 

Josh Wink opened his set with a very minimal tech-house groove which quickly progressed into some deep house bass grooves, building up to the transition into Carl Cox’s set. The earlier part of the evening was mellow, giving you a great vibe to warm the dancefloor up. Before I knew it my feet were hitting the ground a little harder as Josh quickly set the pace for the rest of the evening to come. I found times that I could chill for a min as he would pull the level back just a little only to amp it up with the next looping set of beats. I was in sheer heaven from the moment I walked through the doors! 


Carl Cox transitioned in about 2 hours after doors had opened. Leading the crowd in with his signature “Oh Yes, Oh Yes” before telling all the peeps of Denver just how much he had missed performing here in our city. With the lasers cutting through the smoke-filled air, the Exdo Event Center reminded you of a deep underground club you’d imagine you would find in the innermost area of Berlin. With its dark and dirty vibes, Carl crushed the Exdo Event Center making this truly an amazing warehouse experience. I’ve had the opportunity to see some fabulous DJs in my lifetime but this set was one for the books. The way he could play the crowd, there was never a slow moment, never a dull sound. He could take you to the jungle and back on this magic carpet ride and I loved it all the way. Checked off my bucket list fully proper. I could say this would have to be a favorite of mine considering everything as a whole, the scene, environment, people and music that surrounded me made me feel like I was transported to a private festival where only the greatest would play.

This past weekend was a heavy one in Denver with all the music and I felt lucky to have made it to the end of the night with Carl, the afterparty with Josh Wink would go till 6am yet sadly, I was not able to make it to that one. I could only imagine just how wonderful it was for the people that managed to make it out! If you missed this party, check out the videos below and there will be another great show coming soon so stay tuned to Xposer Magzine… where you go to be scene!

Whirling Dervish Productions will be hosting another warehouse party coming soon with Hernan Cattaneo B2B w/Nick Warren March 21 so keep your eyes posted for that one! Till next time….