Bella Rage Birthday Bash


Some people dream and fantasize of throwing a huge party with kick ass bands, circus performers, have everyone that they know show up and party, but not ruin their house. Well, Xposer’s own Bella Rage did exactly that, she lived the dream at Herman’s Hideaway this past Easter Sunday inviting all of her closest friends to show up and party hard.

Dressing like a bunny and being the social butterfly that she is, greeting all her friends and enjoying the spoils of being the birthday girl.

Not a single person let the holiday or the fact it was a Sunday night slow them down! With four very talented and unique bands, three beautiful circus act performers that did two incredible body manipulation performances – this equaled one amazing party that will be hard to beat!! The amazing bands that performed included Filthy Heathens, Dr. Jackall and The Formaldehyde’s, Run With It, who came all the way from Kansas City, Mo to perform at this event and Minus Well all the way from Colorado Springs. A little bit Punk, a little bit Alternative with just a little bit Rock & Roll, of course. The wild duo the “Scissor Sweethearts” mixed comedy creatively with some jaw dropping stunts that included climbing a set of giant and might I say; some very sharp scissors, fire eating, sword swallowing and much much more.

Another highlight of the night was Kasja, performing her human pincushion act, pinning balloons to herself along with bunny “whiskers” and capping it off with a smirk as she hooks herself for a flesh pull across freshly broken glass.

I overheard someone say with a grin as they watched all the performances

Well, this certainly is the oddest Easter I have ever spent!


Bella believes in living every day to the fullest and that means living the dream every single day.

Why not? It could be fun…

I would highly encourage you to give the bands Facebook pages a like to keep informed on their upcoming events and special thanks to Herman’s Hideaway for hosting the evening.

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Filthy Heathens
Dr Jackall & the Formaldehydes
Run With It
Minus Well
Scissor Sweethearts
Herman’s Hideaway
Root Of All

Photos by John Root

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