8 Bikini-Bottom Styles to Choose From This Summer

Finding the right swimsuit for your body type is typically a game of trial and error. Bikini bottoms can be notoriously difficult to shop for. Before you start your swimsuit search, you’ll want to understand the different silhouettes available at most retailers. Whether you’re looking to elongate your legs, accentuate your waist, or highlight your bum, there’s a stylish, comfortable bikini bottom for you.

Best bikini bottoms from popular retailers

We’ve sourced data from popular labels such as:

Jade Swim, a minimalist brand designed in New York City and made in Los Angeles
Ookioh, which creates retro styles made from 100-percent regenerated materials
Montce, a celebrity favorite out of Florida
Same Swim, a handmade line from influencer Shea Marie
Aerie, which is known for its diverse range of colorful, pattern-filled suits
Frankies Bikinis, a recent collaborator of Gigi Hadid’s
La’Mariette, which boasts a collection with Selena Gomez
La Mariposa, which is crafted for women who like contemporary and classic sets

How should bikini bottoms fit?

La Mariposa’s Ashley Liddell tells POPSUGAR that her company’s bottoms are sampled more than a dozen times before being released. “A great-fitting bottom should look great on all body types and accentuate a woman’s body for the better,” she says, touting the Toluca style, which is high cut with ruched sides, crafted to lift and sculpt natural curves. But there are plenty of swimsuit styles to try before your next pool day. Whether you’re seeking more coverage or less, you’ll find options after the jump – and you’ll know exactly how to describe what you’re searching for the next time you’re shopping.

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